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5 Poor Excuses for Bad Video

The classic "my dog ate my homework" excuse that people joke about as a cop-out for carelessness is easy to poke fun at, but the underlying lesson from that line is that many excuses are just that: coverups for not being prepared, not being alert or not being savvy enough to know what you're getting into.

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I have shot our first inhouse corporate video and the faces are way overexposed. There is not enough detail in the image to color correct it properly, plus with the amount of videos we need to produce in such a short period of time, I'd like to minimize the amount of color correction we have to do in post. So, how should I be lighting the subjects to avoid overexposed faces? I have 4 lights, and can put up to a max of 500 watt bulbs on two of them, and a max of 150 watts on the other 2.

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