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The One Trick to Make Your Home Video Better Than 90% Out There

Young woman using a consumer camcorder

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are about to enter that time of year where cameras will be capturing video in a majority of households in the United States. Don't be that person who takes awful video that no one wants to watch! We all know what it's like to watch other people's home video and gotten either bored, motion sick or both.

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Hey everyone

Im new to this group, so please forgive me if this subject has already been covered or if it is too elementary for this forum. But, I need your help

I am an entry-level/intermediate video enthusiast and I would like to store the footage from the 100 or so miniDV and older Digital8 tapes in such a way that I can:

1. access the footage for use in Final Cut without having to capture from the tape each time.

2. access the footage from my TV and scrub through it and access it randomly (i.e. pull up any home video and watch it).

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