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I am going crazy here. I am pinned to the floor!

I think I put myself not only the bleeding edge of software technology- but on its very sharp sword tip!

Pulling the blade out of its sheath
Bought a Canon HF100 - Loved the camera - size, picture, quality - extra features - no tape required! (Wow)

Running my finger across the blade
Got a nasty cut - when I found out my editing software (Avid Liquid 7.2) would not edit AVCHD format.

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Hey Guys!

I am doing some research to buy a new Camcorder, and i found the Canon HV30, HF100, and HF10 with really good price at http://www.6ave.com.

I really like the reviews about the HV30, with all of them stating that the camera makes wonderful videos and etc..

My mom (Yes! I am a teenager trying to be a video maker! :] ) is always telling that tape is a thing from the past.... so this make me wonder: it is worth buy the Hv30...??

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