Helmet Camera

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With 16 years experience in the POV business, JonesCAM feels it's videos and
numerous well respected people in the industry speak for how good their new
devices are.? Major race car and extreme sports exposure, thanks to The Dirt Track Channel
website is a prime example.? http://www.youtube.com/user/roothog17??
Produced by Shawn Woods owner of The Dirt Track Channel website using JonesCAM
HD on board recorder during the fall of 2010.?? JonesCAM was chosen as the official on board

ContourGPS shows off new upgrade

Getting video off the beaten trail is certainly easier with the ContourGPS but being able to compose a shot to include what you want is invaluable. Think of how often you use the LCD screen on a camcorder or DSLR - translate that onto...

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