Add Archival Grade DVD to the Album

Add Archival Grade DVD to the Album

Discs may be the last physical form of data storage, so it is appropriate that the creators of the VHS also develop the archival DVD. JVC Advanced Media tested DVD-Rs with the ISO/IEC 10995, which doesnt exactly toss the disc to the dog, but does implement up to 77 degrees with 50 percent relative humidity.

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I recently got a homemade dvd-r from my mother-in-law from Jordan. (I live in the US.) I have tried playing the dvd on my computer, 3 dvd players and my xbox360. No luck, all it says is no disk on all of the dvd players I have tried using. I've tried using different programs on my computer such as windows media player, avs, lvc ( I beleve that's what it's called) and real player. Nothing works, is there anything I can do? Or is it a hopeless disk?

Replies are much appreciated! Thank you!

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