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Add Archival Grade DVD to the Album

Add Archival Grade DVD to the Album
Discs may be the last physical form of data storage, so it is appropriate that the creators of the VHS also develop the archival DVD. JVC Advanced Media tested DVD-Rs with the ISO/IEC 10995, which doesnt exactly toss the disc to the dog, but does implement up to 77 degrees with 50 percent relative humidity.
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1. I have a registered copy of Ulead Workshop 2 and I think it is not working quite right, called Ulead/Corel, who say they no longer support the product. I had to uninstall Ulead Workshop a while back and it keeps asking me to register it even though it is. So, here I am. I have created a 5 minute Flash movie that I am converting to AVI and then burning onto DVD to play on TV. At this time it seems I have to burn two seperate files as only the menu movie will loop and not the intro. That's the first problem.

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Hi everyone,

Eight months ago I upgraded to Adobe's Production Studio Premium CS3fromthe Adobe video collection. I need help with the following: I want to embed a web link into a clip in my finished movie. Burn it to a DVD in Encore. If someone is watching the DVD on a pc they can click on the web link in the movieand it will take them to my website. I have been searching for three days for an answer. Is this possible? FYI:

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