Photo: Happy Deen

Goodbye Old Friend - Videomaker Family and Friends Remember Deen

We would like to take a moment to say goodbye and pay our respects to a long-time member of the Videomaker family, Deen the Jack Russell.
Matt and Patrice York, creators and publishers of Videomaker, were Deen's human handlers, but everyone at Videomaker knew Deen was the CEO - Chief Executive Opportunist.

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Does anyone know of a way to remove room echo or reverb from a speech recording? Unfortunately, I have a tape of a stage performance with good video and awful sound - the main problem being room reverb. Clearly, the mics were too far from the performers. I've tried expansion which gives a slight improvement but introduces an odd sort of distortion, compression which makes it worse and noise clipping (gating) which has proved ineffective. All of these effects are from Premiere and/or Soundbooth.

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