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I currently use a Canon GL1, which needs to be sent in for maintenance.

Wondering if I should spare the expense or put the money toward a Canon Vixia HF G10.

Using the camera to shoot short films/weddings, etc. Need something professional and compatible w/Mac software, i.e., iMovie, Final Cut, etc..

Any suggestions?

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A movie theatre chain has invited me to participate in a panel discussion about independent films shot with digital cameras and ultamately shown in their theatres around the states. We just premiered our documentary at one of their theatres and they were impressed by the turnout. They are interested in how they can get more digital movies in their theatres. I would like to talk intelligently (other than my normal randomly babbling self!) about advertising, video quality, ratio, etc. so I'm asking for input.

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If you have any instructional content / "how to" videos that you own (8-10 minutes in length), upload them to the instructional video marketplace and receive 50% of the proceeds each time someone purchases your video. This is a great way to earn money for yourself or any charity of your choice.

On ebay you make money by selling what is in your garage and at, you can earn money from sharing what you know.

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