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5 Reasons to Shoot on Tape

A couple years ago, I nervously left tape behind and began shooting everything to compact flash cards. Dazzled with the promise of a tape free workflow and never digitizing again, I never stopped to think about the benefits I'd be giving up. Believe it or not, there are still 5 good reasons to shoot on tape.

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Meet the XQD Memory Card. Works with Nikon D4!

A few days ago The Compact Flash Association announced a new format
to replace CF cards for professional photographers, and HDLSR
filmmakers. The new format is called XQD, and has a physical size
that falls between CF and SD cards (it is thicker than SD cards, but
smaller than CF cards). The interface used is PCI Express, with real
world write speeds around 125MB/s, eventually being able to exceed 2
terabytes of capacity!

Maxell Launches Flash Media

Maxell Launches Flash Media

Reprinted from a Maxell press release Flash Media and USB Flash Drives round out the Maxell High Performance Storage Media Assortment

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