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Dear all,


With a lot of pleasure I'm filming for years with my Canon XF100. Mostly I do educational video's, interviews and impressions from educational events. See for examples http://vimeopro.com/marceldeleeuwe/sfeerimpressies-events and http://vimeopro.com/marceldeleeuwe/interviews.


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My business partner and I are trying to match our cameras color settings.

He ownes a Canon C100.   I own a Panasonic AF100.


Does anyone have any advice on how to match the camera color settings?


Usually we both shoot flat so that the color correction has more of a range.

From our tests the AF100 shoots more blue, and the Canon shoots more red.


Please help!!!  

Thanks.  -Brad

Canon EOS C100 Announced at $8,000

Canon EOS C100 Announced at $8,000

Canon announced the EOS C100 digital video camera this morning, and those resistant to DSLR video are surely rejoicing. This camera takes the large sensor andinterchangeablelens features from DSLRs and puts them in to a package clearly designed for the video professional.

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