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Having some tests at the local town park

Shot with a Panasonic NV DS-11 Mini-DV camcorder

with a 52mm threaded 'Round' lens hood(that's a huge mistake as you will see in the video)

Edited in Sony Vegas increased a bit of contrast

pros here do let me know where/what can i improve on.

btw i don't have any external monitor and turned out i've got no idea what exactly i'm filming. lol.

cheers all!

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Sorry if this is a basic question but I am new to this..

I want to record a video where the actors will talk and dance. I want to have playback for them to dance to but dont want the playback picked up by the mic used for the dialog, this will just be a condenser on a boom, or maybe just the cam mic. I will drop the final sound track in later.

Any helpful tips?


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Sotoday I finallyfinished my microphone boom! Since I'm super low budget and microphone booms cost a lot of money, I used a DIY design I found online using a light bulb changer kit and some hardware.

Sure,it's not as light weightas professional ones, and Ihaveto wrapthe miccable aroundtheoutsideinsteadofhaving itinside, butI also paid ametric crapton less. :)Igaveitaquick trythisafternoonanditworksquite well,so I'mhappyso far.

Icanfinally un-mount my shotgun mic from my camera... although nowIneedtofind a boom op. :-P

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