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5 Reasons you Need More than Just a Camera

To be a true video producer, you need to carry more than just your camera. Although they are wonderful devices that can do amazing things, you can't make great video with just a camera - you should still have a few tools at your disposal when you need them, so we've compiled this list of five reasons you need more than just your camera.  On every shoot you should always have:

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I just got this in my email from B and H and thought I would share.

Sounds like something to look further into and for $100...

I work and like the Zoom H2andI like howthey show the H1could attachto any camera with an openshoe. Would be interesting to see how much time shift it has when you try to match audio with the video.

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Hey guys, its me again!

I am going to do a documentary about bullyng for my ELA class as the school starts, and i have everything that i need : A HD camera, a green screen, a tripod,a good pc with a nle program and etc... but one thing must be solved:

I am going to shoot some scenes where i appear far away from the camera and i am talking, but i have alittle problem, my camera dosent have a mic input...

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