Actors and Movie Prop Tricks

Image of a movie director holding a clapper card in front of a movie theater

The most obvious way to make your audience aware of the importance of a movie prop is to shoot a closeup cutaway of it, but this is also the most boring and predictable method. How then, can you let the audience know - in a split second - what a props is or its importance to a scene without slowing the scene down for a classic cutaway? Watch the Masters.

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Hey everyone,


I'm in the pre-production phase of writing a music video that involves a lot of shots of a man looking into various reflective surfaces (mirror, glass building, puddle etc) and seeing a girl (his girlfriend) back out at him. I was wondering would any of you have any ideas on how best to approach this type of shot? I have thought about greenscreening, but have to consider getting the perfect angles and also shooting the two separate and just making them appear correct in post production...


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