Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

Recipient of a 2011 Educational Video Telly Award,Wedding Videography covers:

We will go over the importance of meeting with the wedding planner and scouting locations before the big day.

Learn how to stay legal in your wedding production to protect yourself and your clients before you shoot their big day.

We will show you how to capture clean, professional sounding audio, as well as how to mic the ceremony correctly.

We explore where to set up your camera and some filming techniques that will allow you to capture every moment perfectly.

We show you how to light the dance floor, interview guests, and shoot appropriate b-roll for great wedding videos.

Learn how to compile wedding packages, edit multicam footage, and make love stories that capture the weddings emotion.

BONUS DVD-ROM CONTENT: Also includes 5 bestselling Videomaker Docs covering a wide range of wedding video-related topics for viewing on your computer. These titles include: The Wedding Biz, Wedding Video - 8 Tips for Success, 10 Keys to Success in the Wedding Video Business, A Complete Guide to Shooting Wedding Video, & How to Capture Clean, Clear Audio for Weddings.

Length: 25 minutes

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