Shooting Video - Ultimate Toolkit

Shooting Video - Ultimate Toolkit

Basic Shooting (DVD)

Get the basics down to shoot like a pro! With a few simple tips, you'll be on your way to producing top-notch videos while having fun in the process. The experts at Videomaker have designed this DVD to assist you in your quest for producing dynamic video productions!

Segments Include: Shopping for a Camcorder, Button Basics, Light & Filter, Microphone Techniques, The Art of Composition and Smooth Moves

Length: 30 Minutes

Advanced Shooting (DVD)

Segments Include: Shot Sheets, Logs and Slates, Lenses and Filters, Exposure and Shutter, Camera Moves, Handheld Techniques and Composition

Length: 30 Minutes

Camera Controls & Settings (DVD)

Knowing how to work your camera isn’t the same as knowing how your camera works. We teach you to maximize the potential of your camera. Learn to gain full control over your footage by mastering settings like aperture, ISO, shutter speed, frame rate, resolution, white balance, focus, depth of field, recording format and everything in between.

Length: 64 min.

Videomaker's Video Composition eBook (Digital Download)

In this eBook, Videomaker reveals some of the secret tricks of composition used by the Masters. Everything from Close-up Shots, Medium Shots, Long Shots, the Rule of Thirds, Lead Lines, Juxtaposition, Headroom, Nose Rooms, Lead Room, Background, Foreground, Balance, Tension, Using Color and Maintaining Your Composition. We'll also explain how using natural frames and visual lines to draw the viewer's attention will help you think and shoot in 16:9 making your video more professional.

Multicam Shooting (Digital Download) Whether it's shooting a wedding, baseball game, church service or two-person interview, shooting it with more than one camera can be a time-saving and very creative endeavor. This PDF covers topics such as Multicam Basics, Composition, Live Switching Camera Techniques, Preplan for Transitions, Edited Multicam Techniques and the Final Take.

8 Guerrilla Production Tips (Digital Download) Shooting on the fly is one of the most exciting ways to capture video, due to the mobility and flexibility it offers the shooter. The trick is to be as organized as possible up front. The more glitches you can anticipate ahead of time, the more every you'll have to focus on the sounds and images you're capturing.

Make Your Video Look Like Film (Video on Demand) This Video On Demand highlights how to give video a film look using 24p.

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