Intensive Lighting Workshop

From the basics of 3-point lighting to understanding light temperature and how to light for mood, green screen and day-for-night, this 3-day workshop goes beyond the lighting lecture and demonstrations taught in our Basic Production class. This hands-on workshop answers many questions about classic lighting setups along with specialized light needs.

Among other tricks and techniques offered in this class, you'll learn how to setup and light for interviews, how to setup and artistically light for product shots, and how to make the sun work for you with outdoor lighting tricks using scrims, reflectors and diffusion.

This 3-day, hands-on course is for students who understand the basics of video shooting techniques, and want to improve their videos by employing professional lighting techniques. Because you will not only learn how to do the setups, but also be doing them yourselves, seating is limited. Register today!


Here's an idea of what your Workshop schedule will be like:

8:00 am ....... Workshop Intro & Orientation
8:30 am ....... Lighting Introduction: The physics of lighting, how a camcorder sees light, types of light and lighting safety.
12:30 pm ..... Lunch Break (on your own)
1:30 pm ....... Get Lighting: Practical experience applying the classic 3-point lighting setup. This includes Key, Fill and Backlight.                        How to fill from the key side, and working with diffusion and reflectors.
5:00 pm ....... Doors Close
8:00 am ....... Indoor Lighting: Interview lighting, lighting for one person or multiple people, lighting product shots.
12:00 pm ..... Lunch Break (on your own)
1:00 pm ....... Outdoor Lighting: Using reflectors, diffusions and DIY setups. Working with Magic Hour
5:00 pm ....... Doors Close
8:00 am ....... Specialty Lighting Techniques: Day for Night lighting tricks, green screen lighting, using gels and color and practical                      effects that include using cookies, making patterns, and fireplace effects.
12:00 pm ..... Workshop Ends
Due to the hands-on nature of this course, times above are estimated and may change depending on the group needs.

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