Intensive Editing Workshop

This 3-day, Hands-On, Intensive Editing course is for students who understand the basics of video editing and want to advance their skills.

Each student will work on a supplied laptop, using Adobe professional editing software that will take you from the basic skills to some advanced techniques including time remapping, advanced trimming features, multi-camera editing and more. Seating is limited so register today!




Here's an idea of what your Workshop schedule will be like:


8:00 am ....... Workshop Intro & Orientation
8:30 am ....... The Theory of Editing Basics
10:00 am ..... Getting Around the Software: A brief overview of the media management and editing tools of Premiere Pro CS6.                              Designed to familiarize he student with the common software functions that will be used in the subsequent lessons.
12:30 pm ..... Lunch Break (on your own)
1:30 pm ....... Video Editing: Editing practice, using the tools above to edit a short instructional video segment, focus is on the trim                      view and other advanced timeline manipulation tools to get precise edits.
5:00 pm ....... Doors Close
8:00 am ....... Audio Editing: Using music to create moods, cutting to the beat and more. The student gains an overview on how to                     edit to audio and how it contributes to the finished project.
12:00 pm ..... Lunch Break (on your own)
1:00 pm ....... Effects and Compositing: Using color correction, image manipulation using keyframes, green screen keying, and                           multi-camera editing. The student will learn how subtle manipulations of color and motion can help sell their scenes.
5:00 pm ....... Doors Close
8:00 am ...... Multi-Camera Editing
12:00 pm .... Workshop Ends
Schedule is subject to change without notice.


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