How To: Fix it in Post

How To: Fix it in Post

How to Color Correct Video
Learn to read color scopes and monitors, use color correction tools to fix your footage and use secondary color correction techniques.

How to Deinterlace Footage
We look at the different methods of deinterlacing footage including the field combination, field extension, and motion detection methods.

How to Fix Shaky Footage
Learn to fix jittery video the easy way, using the standard motion trackers and stabilizers found in common editing software.

How to Get Rid of Hiss and Hum in Audio
We show you some handy tips for correcting hiss and hum errors using high and low pass filters, notch filters and automated tasks.

How to Convert Frame Rates
Discover how to successfully and easily convert frame rates using footage interpretation and pitch shifting.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Objects in Footage
Learn how to use object removal techniques such as scaling and cropping, chroma keying, or motion tracking.

Running time: 44min

This Training Video demonstrates techniques that can be achieved using most any mid/high range editing software.

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