Squoosh help you compress your images in a matter of minutes

It’s cumbersome to compress and reformat your pictures for the internet. Squoosh is a new web tool that can make that processes simpler and quicker.

Google Chrome Labs has creates a web tool called Squoosh that lets creators compress and reformat their pictures. What the tool does essentially, it quickly squashes and image with tons of codecs. Also, it’s available on all major browsers.

A 1:1 comparison

From the get-go, Squoosh feels like it’s easy to use and user-friendly. It’s fairly straightforward to use. It supports web formats like JPG, MozJPEG, WebP and PNG. When using the tool, it shows you a 1:1 comparisons of the image you are compressing. One the left, there will be the original version of the image. And on the right, there a compressed version of the image. Additionally, you can toggle through the different options in the tool, like resizing the image or increasing / decreasing the quality of the picture.

Finally, after you are finished editing and have selected which format you want the image compressed to, click download and you’ll have your image saved locally.

Squoosh can be used in a web browser. And once it’s loaded, you can work offline within the browser.

There’s some features not offered on Chrome

Googler Jake Archibald told Engadget the app has a few features that only work on Firefox and Safari. He’re what he said:

“We expose all the encoders the browser has internally, and Firefox supports encoding to BMP,” said the developer advocate. “Safari defers encoding to the OS so it can encode JPEG2000, TIFF, BMP, PDF, GIF. Chrome doesn’t have these features.”

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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