Sennheiser Presents: Let’s Talk Audio w/ Robb Blumenreder & Greg Simon

    You’re a content creator and you’ve got the video figured out but you might not have considered audio when you bought your camera. Understandably so, audio is an easy thing to overlook… let’s talk about why it’s important not to.

    It’s commonly known in today’s world of digital media that it’s easier to watch content with poor video quality than it is to watch content with poor audio quality. That’s because audio is what deliver’s the message—audio is what tells the story. This session will focus on three essential application areas that every creator should be familiar with to capture great audio in any situation: on-camera mics, wireless lavs, and boom mics. Greg and Robb will take you through some of the fundamentals to get you started and provide you with tips and tricks that you can reliably use on every shoot. Beyond the basics, they’ll talk shop on a variety of microphone options available from Sennheiser and will dig deeper for those that are looking to fine-tune their sound.

    Featured speakers: Robb Blumenreder & Greg Simon

    Robb Blumenreder bio: Robb Blumenreder has more than 20 years of experience in the field of professional audio. Since 2002, he has worked with Sennheiser in a variety of roles ranging from Product Management, Regional Sales Management and Commercial Management with a focus on Audio for Video. He currently works within their Professional Audio Business Unit as part of the Customer & Market Insights group. When not obsessing over audio, you can find him in his woodshop, playing music or out enjoying the Connecticut River Valley. 

    Greg Simon bio: Greg Simon is a member of Sennheiser’s Technical Applications Engineering team and Heads training for the Americas region. Greg has a degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music. He has been designing audio and wireless microphone systems in the Pro Audio industry for over 15 years. Projects include full A/V system design and project management for large scale clubs, recording studios, house of worship and corporate environments. Greg has also completed training in Sennheiser’s global RF expert program which specializes on wireless microphone technologies and applications.