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    PTZOptics Hive Studio: Elevating your production with innovative control and collaboration

    In recent years, the livestreaming industry has grown in both the entertainment and professional sectors. Thanks to various technological innovations in the livestreaming space, video production equipment is more accessible than ever. In turn, live events, educators, corporate communications departments and houses of worship all have the means to host high-quality meetings, webinars and live events.

    However, as the industry expands, so does the need for more intuitive, scalable and highly functional solutions. Enter PTZOptics Hive Studio. Designed to streamline how you control your camera setup, it’s a solution made to scale alongside the industry and your needs.

    What is Hive Studio?

    PTZOptics Hive Studio is an intuitive platform that lets you manage an entire camera setup from anywhere in the world. With features like fast frame, click to center, auto-tracking and real-time collaboration Hive Studio helps deliver high-quality live broadcasts in an all-in-one solution, making it an extremely flexible solution for numerous use cases. For example, corporate broadcasters can easily click the speaker they want their PTZ cameras to track and stay in frame as they run through their speeches. At the same time, these corporate broadcasters can manage multiple studios remotely and switch between NDI, USB and other video camera streams with confidence due to Hive Studio’s real-time synchronization.

    By offering unparalleled control and collaboration features, Hive Studio positions itself as a pivotal tool for anyone aiming to elevate their livestreams.

    Simplifying control and enhancing team collaboration

    Hive Studio offers a unique toolset that makes professional-grade video production accessible and manageable for teams of any size. Its auto-discovery feature and browser-based format allow for easy addition and integration of cameras into your setup. Real-time collaboration ensures that every team member is on the same page, and link sharing with role management makes sharing and collaboration simple. Hive Studio allows you to share your video production the same way you share Google Docs. This allows teams to manage streams from anywhere in the world. Users can assign permissions such as director, camera operator and viewer to streamline team dynamics.

    Advanced features for superior production quality

    Synchronized color correction

    Livestream productions should always aim for a consistent look, no matter if they’re using a multi-cam or single-cam setup. But, considering livestreams can be unpredictable, this is often easier said than done. However, Hive Studio can color grade your livestreams. It offers color correction tools and instant image adjustments to ensure a consistent and professional look across all your camera feeds. Hive Studio supports over 400 camera models, including Aver, Bird-Dog, Data Video, JVC, Lumens, Marshal, Newtek, Panasonic, Sony and more. Additionally, it comes with the ability to create and recall image presets. So, you can keep a consistent look across different livestreams, even if you’re broadcasting from a different environment. This feature also allows production to adapt quickly to any environmental changes on the fly.

    Cinematic movements and framing

    PTZOptics Hive Studio introduces groundbreaking features that significantly enhance video production capabilities. Key among these is the Cinematic PTZ Movement & Framing feature, which automates complex camera movements to facilitate easy and professional cinematic framing, bringing a high level of sophistication to your productions. Additionally, the Cloud Control feature revolutionizes how PTZ cameras are operated. It allows for remote control of these cameras with sub-100 ms latency, ensuring real-time, responsive control from any location in the world. This feature is especially beneficial for productions that require quick and precise camera adjustments.

    Switching, streaming and more

    At the heart of PTZOptics Hive Studio’s advanced capabilities is its versatile switching functionality. This feature enables seamless switching between different camera feeds, including both preview and program feeds. The dynamic multi-view options enhance this by allowing personalized production setups, catering to the specific needs of each broadcast. Complementing this is Hive Studio’s robust streaming support. It enables streaming to any destination using RTMP, making it highly adaptable for various streaming requirements. Additionally, the platform outputs real-time NDI feeds for any source, ensuring high-quality video transmission with minimal delay. Hive includes sophisticated video switching, efficient recording capabilities, RTMP live \streaming, low-latency local mode and NDI video output. Together, these tools not only provide exceptional control and flexibility in video production but also ensure that users can maintain the highest standards of broadcast quality, regardless of the complexity or scale of their production.

    Studio Management

    Hive Studio’s Multi-Location Management feature is revolutionary for organizations managing productions across various sites. It seamlessly links multiple Hive studios, enabling effortless management of production locations. This simplifies the logistics of handling multiple setups, as all that’s required is a simple login to gain comprehensive control. Together, these features not only simplify the complexities of video production but also open up new possibilities for creative and efficient management of multi-camera setups in diverse environments.

    How the Hive Studio impacts various sectors


    In the entertainment sector, the higher the production quality, the better. With so much emphasis placed on production quality in the entertainment industry, Hive Studio is a perfect tool for broadcasts, live shows, events and live performances. In particular, Hive Studio’s ability to manage multiple cameras and settings from a centralized location is vital to these kinds of productions. Production companies can now remotely control their PTZ cameras and video production equipment with unprecedented quality and reliability. This allows production companies to send less people on-site and increase the amount of events their team can support.

    Corporate events

    Hive Studio can also be beneficial to corporate events in several ways. First, its advanced PTZ controls help corporations broadcast highly professional live events. Second, multi-office, global organizations can slash travel costs thanks to Hive Studio’s real-time collaboration tools. Hive Studio helps corporate broadcasters bring together cameras from multiple manufacturers and manage them all in one place, including all NDI, ONVIF and RTSP-compatible cameras. Lastly, Hive Studio empowers in-house corporate events teams to manage and produce their content all remotely.

    House of worship

    Congregations will find Hive Studio’s ease of use very user-friendly. Often, churches depend on volunteers to broadcast sermons. Depending on those volunteers’ availability and their experience with livestreaming equipment, issues can arise. Since Hive Studio is designed to be easy to pick up, volunteers can learn the system quickly, giving churches more flexibility if volunteers’ availability changes. For churches with satellite campuses Hive Studio allows media directors the ability to control the productions at all their locations from anywhere. 


    In the rapidly evolving landscape of higher education, institutions are increasingly embracing a hybrid model that encompasses both remote learning, webinars and other other large-scale events. To maintain student engagement Hive Studio provides auto-tracking capabilities to ensure that lecturers and presenters are always in focus, which go above and beyond the built-in auto-tracking capabilities of PTZOptics cameras. AV managers will enjoy the ability to easily manage the cameras on their network and across campuses. These advanced features, combined with the ease of use for dedicated AV/Production departments, make Hive a pivotal tool in transforming educational delivery and experience.

    Professional livestreaming for all

    By simplifying setup, enhancing collaboration and offering a suite of advanced features, PTZOptics Hive Studio is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to upgrade their video production setup. Whether for live events, corporate communications, educational content or worship services, Hive Studio equips you with the tools to produce high-quality, professional content.

    Learn more at ptzoptics.com/hive

    PTZOptics is a manufacturer of robotic pan, tilt, zoom camera solutions for a variety of broadcast applications, including both video production and live streaming.
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