Professional Mobile Broadcasting, Minimal Crew, The Right Gear w/ Juan Carlos Bagnell AKA SomeGadgetGuy – Sony Xperia Pro

    The right tools matter. There’s always been a consistent line between casual IRL streaming from phones and professional remote broadcasts. For the road warrior content creator, Juan will break down some of the options available to take mobile production to the next level. With the right gear, one-man-band producers can rival live TV productions.

    Juan Carlos Bagnell wears a lot of hats. A former voice-over director and location sound mixer, now Juan produces tech videos focusing on consumer electronics. It’s his primary mission, helping consumers get more use out of their tech by pushing the boundaries on smartphones, while hopefully saving people money over time. Juan’s excited to partner with Sony and VideoMaker to help further this conversation, and encourage people to get more gadget bang for their buck. You can find Juan around the internet as @SomeGadgetGuy, and producing content for outlets like Newegg and