Livestreaming doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you’re working with Melon. It is browser-based, so you wont need any special software. And, in just five steps, you can be using Melon for a better presentation for your next livestream. 

How it works

The first step is to log in to Melon. You can use your email to connect your social accounts like Facebook, Youtube and more. Once you’re logged in, it’s time to set up what you want everyone to see. Tell Melon what camera you want to use. Make sure your shot is flattering. Even if you don’t have an expensive camera, good composition doesn’t cost anything. Next, in order to make sure you’re heard, it’s time to set up the audio. Using a dedicated microphone will sound best and is easy to set up in Melon. 

Built-in graphics

Now that you can be seen and heard, it’s time to add some production value to the stream with graphics. This will be your “look.” In other words, consider this your brand colors. Additionally, think about how your graphics will be used, so you aren’t covering up something you want your audience to see. 

Share your screen in-stream

With Melon, you can share your screen. This allows you to share your presentation, document or even video with your viewers. You want to make your streaming experience unforgettable, and adding different elements to your stream will help you build the entertaining event that your viewers came to see.

Monitor your chat

Being connected to your audience through chat endures you to them. To that end, it’s important to monitor your chat for improved engagement. An audience that is engaged creates community, and a simple connection with an audience member can turn them into a super fan. Plus, Melon has a private chat feature, so you can chat directly with an individual without the rest of the stream being involved. 

Choose the destination your livestream

No matter where you need to stream, Melon connects directly to your platform of choice. Connect your Melon account with Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn or Custom destination point and stream to eight places at once. 


The only thing left to do is go live. But don’t worry, the first thing your audience sees won’t be your surprised face. Melon has a variety of built-in video countdowns to choose from so your stream will start and you’ll have time to be ready on camera.  

Try the free version of Melon

You can start using Melon right now, because it’s free. You will even be able to accept tips with the free version. After all, being able to get paid for your work is as important as it gets. Melon also gives you real-time alerts so you’ll know when your supporters give you some love. Better yet, reacting to alerts connects you with your audience. Additionally, you can bring in others with the ability to include up to two participants. Including other participants is a great way to increase the dynamics of your livestream. 

The free version also offers a bit of customization, too. With Melon’s tools, you can be unique and make your stream stand out. And, once you find the look you want, you can save it. With stream profiles, you’re free to save your customized settings, overlays, background and more. This way, if you want your YouTube stream to look different from your Twitch stream, they can each have their own unique setup and be available for quick, easy access. 

Upgrade to Pro for even more

By upgrading to the Pro version, you can expand your capabilities and upgrade your livestream with the ability to stream with up to nine participants. When you bring in others to your stream, their audience and yours can be exposed to each other’s content. The best part? There is no limit to the amount of streaming you do. 

The best streams don’t lose connection, they stay online. With Melon Pro, you can have a piece of mind that you’ll have disconnect protection. The service also allows you to stream using a custom RTMP.

Unlimited customization 

With Melon, you can customize your logo, overlays and themes to create a stream that’s as unique as you can want it to be. This customization can make your stream memorable with a look that connects to your content. Plus, to get even more flexibility and reach, you can record your stream’s audio separately for turning it into a podcast later. 

Pro boosts recording, media storage and priority support

Melon Pro can capture up to 10 hours of recordings to repost and save on non-live platforms, and also has a 300MB media storage limit. Melon Pro can stream in full 1080P HD quality and gives you 30 days of recording storage. Lastly, Pro gets you to the front of the line with priority support. 

Go out and start streaming! 

Livestreaming doesn’t have to be difficult, and with Melon, it just got a lot simpler. Learn more about Melon and try it for free.