How to select the right stock video site

We are innately aware that content creators have a consistent need to source stock footage and graphics to complete projects. No matter the scope, length or focus of any multimedia presentation, it’s always best to have access to the right stock video brush strokes to put the finishing touches on your visual message.

While stock footage is certainly not a new or novel concept, in recent years we’ve seen the proliferation of available platforms and companies that offer various stock media solutions to their members. So many, in fact, that it’s easy for someone who doesn’t know what they are looking for to pull the trigger on a site that doesn’t meet their specific needs.

There are many factors that can dictate the best approach to obtaining stock media, so we thought we would break down some of the major considerations that should be made before you make a commitment. As a case-in-point, we’re featuring ClipStock, one of the few stock media platforms that combines their entire library of video, animations, music & SFX for one low membership price.

Unique Quality Footage

Now that stock media is becoming more ubiquitous, we’re seeing more cost-effective solutions that still maintain a high barometer of quality. However, in many cases the same contributor’s footage is on many platforms. We were surprised to discover that ClipStock’s library is exclusive to their site and that ClipStock actually owns all of their content, which allows them to offer one of- if not the most cost-effective option on the web.

Having the choice between the resolution of your downloads (6K, 4K, 2K, HD) is also important, and ClipStock includes all 6k-HD in its membership, which is only $99 for the first year, without upcharges and no licensing restrictions. However, resolution is only part of this equation; the footage needs to be professionally shot and sourced with a distinct vision in mind. And, when it comes to ClipStock’s quality standards, their diverse network of videographers have years of experience and as creatives and truly understand what their clients are looking for. 


In previous years we’ve seen a distinct sliding scale where the price-per-clip online has had a direct correlation to quality. In fact, many of the more tenured stock platforms have extensive libraries, but may be cost-prohibitive when a creator is paying a fee for each individual clip utilized. Additionally, the application of that clip may not align with the licensing agreement for that media, which can lead to further fees. When budget constraints are not an issue, this is fine, but many platforms are not cost-effective options when projects require downloading hundreds of clips. Creatives are an astute bunch and realize how stock media can get very expensive, very fast. The ClipStock library is entirely accessible for one yearly subscription price — $99 for the first year and only $199 for subsequent renewals — less than the cost of one clip on many stock video sites, and you can download as much media as you want with no additional charges. And, as previously mentioned, this includes unlimited licensing for usage on any and all media outlets.


A fairly new concept in the stock media marketplace, sequencing is where a certain action is filmed from multiple angles, at multiple camera speeds (both real-time and slow-motion), in order to effectively create a scene that feels proprietary to the intended video or presentation. This is a hugely useful tool for content creators to lengthen or bolster sequences using a consistent aesthetic.

While you’ll often see similar actors or scenarios on many stock footage sites, most do not have an easily accessible platform to find these shots. Fortunately for its members, ClipStock has this concept wired. The sequencing clips are neatly packaged behind the lead clip in a scene and have the “sequencing” icon to help users identify when this option is available. Once the main clip is selected, the associated clips will become visible and available to the user, allowing for ease of editing.

Media Diversity

The stock video industry is always evolving, and extensive libraries of footage alone are no longer enough. Many newer players in the market are diversifying their libraries, not only into graphic templates and 3D animation but also into music and sound effects.

ClipStock is one of the companies attempting to meet that need for creatives, by expanding its offerings to unique and proprietary audio content as well. And, it’s all available under the normal membership price of $99 for the first year.

We know the marketplace for stock media can be costly and intimidating, but it’s platforms like ClipStock that are making it easier for those trying to turn as many heads as possible with their finished creative work

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ClipStock is a Truly Unlimited Stock Footage site that gives every member access to a library of over 750,000 clips!

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