How OWC docks can simplify your setup’s wire management

When it comes to wire management, it’s always best to keep it simple. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to do so, especially when your setup doesn’t have enough inputs, requiring you to use adapter upon adapter. All those wires not only make your space look messy, but they also can take a hit to your productivity. Imagine having to untangle a jumble of wires when all you need is your charge cord. It’s not a pretty picture.

Thankfully, OWC has an answer for this. Its extensive catalog of docks keeps all ports in one place, so all you have to do is plug in and go. Plus, they charge connected devices, so there is no need for a charge cord, cutting down on your number of cords. With these docks from OWC, you can even charge your laptop.

Let’s take a look at these drives so you can see which one is right for you and your setup.

On-the-go docks

OWC Travel Dock

In this small, affordable dock, you’ll find the most common connectivity options that should have been built-in to your laptop, like two USB-A 5 Gbps ports, an HDMI display output and an SD reader. The dock also has an extra USB-C PD port with up to 100 W of passthrough power so you can connect your laptop charger. It features a 5.9-inch (15.0 cm) USB-C cord that wraps neatly into the base. The small 3.1 x 3.1 x .9 inch (8 x 8 x 2.3 cm) block will easily fit into a backpack, purse or computer bag.

OWC Travel Dock E

Just as small and convenient, the “E” in this dock stands for an Ethernet 1 Gbps port. This unit includes all the same connections (2 USB-A ports, a USB-C PD port, an HDMI display output and an SD reader) and is perfect when you need to access secured networks where Wi-Fi is not available. Say you’re staying in a hotel room that has an Ethernet connection, but the Wi-Fi isn’t reliable and not secure.

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock

If you need a portable dock that also connects two external displays, this dock is for you. It offers a USB-A 2.0, a USB-A 5Gbps to connect USB devices that require more speed and an Ethernet port. You’ll also find dual HDMI display output in up to 4K resolution. This takes advantage of Thunderbolt technology. It’s a great portable dock for Windows or Intel-based Apple computers.

The next steps

OWC Thunderbolt Hub 

When you need more connections but no HDMI ports, this dock offers a USB-A 10 Gbps and a Thunderbolt port in the front. In the back, you’ll find three extra Thunderbolt ports (or USB-C ports, depending on your device’s capabilities). This uses a separate power cable and can charge all of your devices with up to 60 W of power. Additionally, you can use any of the three Thunderbolt ports on the back of the hub to create individual daisy chains with up to five thunderbolt devices on each chain. This is the perfect solution for users who want to capitalize on the bandwidth available on the Thunderbolt ports. You can connect everything like additional monitors, external storage, card readers and different kinds of USB or thunderbolt interfaces to a single computer plug-in.

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock 

Offering 14 different ports, this dock is great for the video creator. It features five USB-A 5 Gbps ports, a USB-C 10Gbps port, a Thunderbolt port to daisy-chain up to five Thunderbolt devices, a UHS-II SD slot, a microSD slot, 1 Gbps Ethernet and a 3.5 mm in/out audio jack. Plus, you’ll get a display port, 1.4 output and digital audio output and 85 W of charging power. The digital audio output is ideal for users who want to connect their Hi-Fi audio system to the computer. Additionally, with both SD and microSD slots, there’s no need for extra adapters when connecting a drone or 360 camera card to your computer.

OWC Thunderbolt Dock

This dock might be considered an upgraded trimmed-down version of the Thunderbolt 3 dock. For example, it doesn’t have a microSD slot, but it does offer speeds and more options for advanced modular setups. It features 96 W of charging power and up to an 8K monitor. You’ll also find a 5 Gbps Ethernet port and three USB A 10 Gbps ports. Additionally, this dock offers three Thunderbolt ports and the ability to create three individual daisy chains with up to five devices on each. It doesn’t have a digital audio output, but it does have a 3.5 mm audio jack. This is a great solution for users wanting a dock that offers more power and the versatility to adapt to different workflows.

For the big projects

OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock

The Go Dock is the first dock on the market to have an internal power supply. It offers a good balance of connections: three USB-A 10Gbps, one USB-C 10 Gbps, two Thunderbolt ports with daisy chaining options for up to five devices each, a 3.5 mm audio jack, SD UHS-II slot, HDMI 2.1 output and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet. Plus, it offers 90 W of charging power. This dock has maximum transfer speeds via USB, both with USB-A and USB-C, and the flexibility of two Thunderbolt ports to adapt to any user’s needs. This dock also offers enhanced transfer speeds with compatible NAS devices at 2.5 Gbps speeds. It’s the perfect solution for nomadic users and professionals who need advanced connectivity and want a streamlined setup experience with a truly all-in-one device.

OWC Thunderbolt Pro Dock

This pro dock is a one-of-a-kind solution. It’s the only dock in the market that features a 10 Gbps Ethernet connection, a UHS-II SD slot and CFexpress type B card reader, which makes it a great solution for video editors working with NAS systems and professional filmmakers using the latest cameras. It offers 85 W of charging power and allows you to connect two 4K displays or up to a single 8K display via Displayport 1.4. With USB-A and USB-C ports, both at 10 Gbps, this dock allows you to connect external USB storage or additional card readers, like CFast 2.0 readers. It also has an additional Thunderbolt port that can daisy-chain up to five Thunderbolt devices.

Improve your productivity and efficiency with OWC docks

To improve your setup’s wire management, you need to keep productivity and efficiency at the top of your priorities. All of these OWC docks can simplify your workspace by adding expanded connectivity to enhance your workflow, the simplicity of connecting everything with just one cable in a matter of seconds saves you time, especially when accrued over time, and it also streamlines your setup experience allowing you to focus on just doing your work. As a result, it makes you more efficient and saves you time in an industry where time is money

You may think that your current setup works fine and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” With OWC’s docks, everything works seconds after plugging them in. It’s a highly efficient way of working, allowing you to work faster. Learn more about OWC docks here


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