Giving your livestreaming an edge with LUMIX cameras! w/ Sean Robinson

    In this session, Panasonic LUMIX’s Sean Robinson will cover tips and techniques to increase the production quality of your livestreams using technologies found in LUMIX cameras! From remote camera controls with the BGH1 to wireless on-the-go streaming with the new GH5M2, these new technologies make it much easier to reach your audience. Sean will also discuss the importance of lighting, audio, network connectivity and much more, drawing directly from what he’s learned over the last year and a half of weekly LUMIX Live broadcasts on YouTube.

    As one of the Marketing team members and host of LUMIX Live on YouTube, Sean Robinson has spent the last 5 years working at Panasonic LUMIX with the goal to share his knowledge and experiences with other creatives across the photo and video industry. Over the last year Sean has led the build out of LUMIX Live. This weekly livestream, held on YouTube, is a place to discusses camera hardware and technologies while also hosting interviews with industry members and creatives to build a community where photographers and videographers have direct access to the LUMIX brand. Prior to working at Panasonic LUMIX, Sean spent 5 years working behind the counter at a photo/video retail store working closely with industry professionals while completing his BA degree which focused on traditional photography.