Browser-based streaming service Melon gets Streamlabs integration

Melon, a browser-based streaming service, recently announced Streamlabs integration with a long list of new features. The goal, according to Melon, is to have a simple, intuitive, browser-based streaming studio that enables creators to go live on all major streaming platforms in just five clicks. 

Streamlabs integration

This new integration means Melon now has Streamlabs tipping functionality. By connecting a PayPal account to Streamlabs, you can get paid easily. Even better, you can track it and follow their revenue growth in order to make sure every dollar counts. This allows the creator the ability to focus on making content instead of worrying about how they are going to get paid or where it came from. 

On-screen alerts

With new alerts, streamers can add an alert box to their broadcast to automatically get notified when something happens. It allows for customization, so you can make your presentation your own and make the stream aware of everything that’s going on. With YouTube, streamers get alerts for SuperChats or when a YouTube Member joins the stream. Twitch streamers, on the other hand, get alerts for new followers and subscribers. This is valuable to a content creator, because it gives them the tools to make sure to stay as engaged as possible with their viewers. 

Streamlabs widgets

With the Donation Goal Widget, streamers using Melon can now add a donation goal widget on their stream. With a donation goal, viewers of a stream are challenged to contribute to the streamer. The widget tracks the total number of tips sent to the streamer so that viewers can see their contribution going towards you and the stream.

Newly added features

When using Melon Pro, the streamer can share their screen in full 1080p. However, even free Melon users can share their screen in 720p. Melon Pro users can also have up to nine participants on their stream at one time. This gives the streamer the ability to bring their whole crew of fellow creators on their stream, which makes the act of creating a dynamic stream much easier. 

Expanded recording capabilities 

Melon’s new recording capabilities allow a user to record and stream at the same time. Alternatively, they can record without going live and publish those recordings at a later time. This feature pairs well with streamers who adhere to release schedules,  which gives the creator a much-deserved gap between creation and publishing. Also, when using Melon you have access to all of your video files created using Melon, as well as the option to upload them directly to your platform of choice. And, as a rule of thumb for streamers and creators alike, sharing your content on multiple platforms will help gain views and subscribers. 

Use a green screen – chroma keying

When using Melon, you can now change what’s in your background with a blue or green screen using the chroma key, creating the ability to use a custom background image. Have a messy room? Utilize a green screen and your space can always look presentable. Gaming streamers are able to overlay themselves over their game as they play. Or, they can replace the background in the shot to be in any other location or within a set. 

Stereo screen sharing, separate audio/video tracks and stream profiles

Melon can now give the streamer stereo sound when screen sharing. Which means, no more mono audio when you want to share what’s on your screen to your stream. It also allows you to play a video within your stream, to present pre-made video clips. Also, Melon now can give the creator separate audio and video tracks for more flexibility when editing later. Lastly, you can save up to 10 different stream settings for all of the different stream connections one might have using stream profiles or pick from themes options designed for you. 

Is browser-based streaming for you? 

Melon has loads of features that will help engage your viewers, allowing for better monetization of your stream. They can offer a more dynamic presentation to keep their viewers watching. With Melon, it is possible to easily facilitate your stream with a custom look and feel. Click here to learn more about Melon

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