Broadcast without barriers: How Epiphan Pearl systems empower remote producers w/ George Herbert & Jim Bask

    Remote productions present unique challenges, especially if you’re aiming for high-quality results. Tune into this joint presentation by Videoguys and Epiphan Video to discover how you can overcome the barriers to producing flawless live streams remotely.

    Epiphan’s George Herbert will share how Pearl video production systems and Epiphan Cloud can empower you to produce broadcast-quality live streams from a distance. Learn about the advantages of the SRT protocol, the intuitive Pearl and Epiphan Cloud features that can make your job as producer a whole lot easier, and why the new Pearl Nano is a perfect fit for SRT contribution.

    George Herbert is the Manager of Support and Training at Epiphan Video. As head of the support team he works very closely with the engineering, sales and marketing teams to make sure they serve their customers to the best of their ability and beyond!

    He can often be found on the Live @ Epiphan show, stream every other Thursday at 3pm EST, or hosting webinars on various topics.

    Being with the Epiphan family for over 11 years, there is very little that he does not know about their products and history.

    Jim Bask has been a featured speaker for several other virtual events in Videomaker’s Virtual Event Series. He is also part of the team at Videoguys. Their staff are videographers, live streamers, editors, filmmakers and vloggers just like you.