5 ways Melon makes livestreaming simple

    Live streaming is one of the most popular ways for people to both connect with and grow their communities of followers. Often, creators will have various audiences on numerous platforms, so it can be challenging to communicate to everyone in your community at once. Multi-platform streaming is a great solution, since it can allow you to connect with everyone. 

    However, running a successful multistream can be a daunting task. Between setting up the stream to monitoring all your chats, it can all be a bit overwhelming. This is where Melon can help simplify the entire steaming process.

    Melon simplifies live streaming, allowing creators to reach their audience no matter what platform they use. Additionally, Melon provides many other unique, time-saving features and benefits to assist you in your livestreams.

    You can stream to multiple platforms simultaneously

    If you have audiences on different social media platforms (like most creators and influencers), you want to reach everyone simultaneously. While you can try to notify everyone you’re live on a different platform, you’re inevitably going to have a lower turnout than you would if you were streaming to every platform you’re active on at the exact same time. To maximize your reach, it’s best to stream to every platform you can to reach as much of your audience as possible. 

    Melon allows you to stream all in one place. The platform supports YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can stream to all of these platforms simply by connecting your account to Melon. Also, if you have various accounts on the same platform, you can connect them to Melon. Melon allows you to add several YouTube, Facebook and Twitch accounts and enables you to stream up to eight destinations at the same time. All you have to do is log into Melon, connect your accounts and you are ready to stream.

    Also, if you want to stream to a destination that isn’t a major platform like YouTube or Twitch, you can do so through Melon. All you need to have is the URL and the RTMP to stream to non-integrated streaming destinations. So, if you want to stream to your website or any destination that’s not one of the major streaming platforms, you can through Melon.

    There’s no need to download anything

    Since Melon is a web-based streaming platform, all you need to do is log into Melon to stream. You can broadcast directly from the device you log in with. You don’t have to download anything to stream, unlike other popular streaming or video conferencing applications. Melon supports Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and Android, so no matter what device you use, you can stream whenever you are with whatever device you have.

    Your guests don’t have to download anything either. They don’t even need to have an account with Melon – you just have to send them a link and they can join the livestream.

    “Melon is a fantastic livestream app for connecting creators,” said Kelsey Brannan, the creator behind the YouTube channel Premiere Gal and an avid user of Melon. “It’s easy to use and so people can jump in on live-calls and get started quick.”

    Helpful tools and control panel

    When you’re livestreaming to an audience, you want to keep your controls simple so you can focus on engaging your audience. This is especially true if you’re streaming to multiple platforms. When you use Melon, all of your tools are accessible right on one simple control panel. With the control panel, you can control all of your streams in the same place. 

    Melon’s control panel allows you to use tools that make your job as a streamer much more effortless. For instance, through the control panel, you can share your screen to all of your streams simultaneously. If you want to transition into some gameplay, you can share your screen to everyone with just a few clicks. Also, you can also edit the layout of your stream in the panel as well. So, depending on your setup or the content you’re sharing, you can adjust elements’ composition on the screen.

    Managing multiple chats can be a significant challenge also. With Melon’s control panel, you can see all of your chats in one place. Inside of the control panel, you can access your integrated chat throughout the entire stream, allowing you to interact with every viewer regardless of the platform they’re viewing your stream on.

    “Melon is a fantastic way to connect with my audience live without the need for any complicated software. It is simple, user-friendly and easy to set up,” said Sam Dey, a YouTuber who runs the channel “Sam Dey – DeyTips.” “I recommend it to my followers and friends.”

    Melon makes it simple to personalize to your brand

    Every content creator is unique, and so is their brand. While functionality is critical when choosing software to use, customization is just as important. To make the best stream experience possible, you want to be able to customize your stream to ensure you’re presenting your content in a way that aligns with you and your brand. Melon allows you to fully customize the look and feel of your streams. You can insert elements like your brand’s logo along with custom headers, tickers and overlays.

    Customization is simple to do right before or during your stream. So, if you need to make any adjustments mid-stream, you can do so. Also, if you run a podcast, Melon has the capability to customize your podcast’s look.

    You can record your streams with Melon

    Most streamers want to record their streams for various reasons. Some use the content they stream to create highlight reels, edited videos and shareable clips. Others might want to have a copy of the stream just in case. Melon can record and stream at the same time. Once the stream is over, you can use the file to create clips, highlights or long-form videos. Additionally, you can save all the recordings as video files and store them away or send them over to an editor.

    “Melon has been great in helping me livestream/record conversations. I’m happy to know that I can easily broadcast an interview, even on the go,” said YouTuber Geal LEVEL.

    For those that don’t stream, you don’t have to go live to use Melon. If you want to record an interview with a guest, you can send over a link for the participant to join your recording session and begin recording. Once you’re finished with recording, you can save your files or upload what you recorded directly to YouTube.

    The simplified live streaming service built for creators

    Live streaming is a popular way for creators to connect to their audience and keep their communities engaged. Most creators are active on multiple platforms, so it can get complicated when streaming to all of your audiences. Melon simplifies live streaming, allowing you to simultaneously stream to whatever platform or destination you desire while also speeding up setup time, customization and recording. 

    Best of all, you don’t have to download anything and anyone can join in the stream with a sharable link. The complications you encounter when setting up a multi-platform stream should never keep you from streaming. With Melon, you can stream practically anywhere and engage with your audience no matter where they are.

    You can try out Melon for yourself on melonapp.com.