5 features you need in your next video editing laptop

Finding the right laptop for your workflow can be tricky. Video editing is a resource-intensive endeavor — more so than almost any other use case. Fortunately, we’ve compiled this list of five important factors to consider when shopping for your next video editing laptop. Let’s see what it takes for a laptop to meet the demands of on-the-go video creation.

Make sure it’s portable

Video editing takes a ton of processing power, but powerful systems are often large and bulky. This makes a lot of laptops difficult to carry around, ultimately defeating the purpose of having a mobile workstation.

Many modern computers can provide the processing power needed to edit video, but when it comes to editing on the go, you need to be able to take that power with you. You need a laptop that has the power required for the work you’re doing while still providing the portability you need to work where you want. Otherwise, you might as well edit at home — a huge inconvenience for pro video editors who travel constantly for work.

It needs to have a powerful CPU and dedicated GPU

Laptops that feature powerful central processing units like Intel’s 10th Gen CPUs are great for creators on the go. These CPUs support 4K HDR and can bring “immersive, visually stunning experiences to laptops,” according to Intel. Creators get the reliability, power, and speed they need when editing video on the go.

When it comes to rendering, it is extremely important to have a dedicated graphics processing unit, or GPU. Also known as a graphics card, a dedicated GPU allows for accelerated processing since you are relying on its power to process the render instead of pulling resources away from the CPU. With faster rendering from a GPU, you can scrub through the timeline smoothly with real-time previews as you edit.

To get the fastest performance you can out of your laptop, you need to be able to balance the work to leverage both the computer’s CPU and its GPU. 

Long-lasting battery is a must

Being able to work without being tethered to the wall is key when editing on the go. The laptop you choose needs to have a long-lasting battery that can handle your video editing applications. The more resources your workflow demands, the faster its battery will drain. Get a laptop with a battery that will last while you’re working away from an outlet.

Make sure you have a high-resolution screen

Visualization matters, especially when it comes to content creation. With a high-resolution screen, you’ll be able to see much more detail. What kind of screen should you go for? For excellent resolution and detail, look for a laptop with a 4K screen. A 4K screen will allow you to see HD playback in full resolution while keeping your timeline in view at the same time.

It’s gotta look good

If you’re going to spend all this time looking at and working on your laptop, it needs to look good. When you don’t like how your laptop looks, it’s harder to feel inspired. And if you think your laptop is down-right ugly, you’re not likely you’ll take it out of your home or office. Believe it or not, a well-designed laptop will encourage you to be creative wherever you go. Be sure to get a laptop you love inside and out.

The MSI Prestige 15

One option to consider as you shop for an on-the-go video editing laptop is the MSI Prestige 15. Let’s run through some of the reasons it’s worth a look:

The Prestige 15 packs its long list of robust components all down into a slim-form laptop, making it easy to carry around without sacrificing performance. With its 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, you’ll have the power you need to get your work done in a laptop that’s easy to take with you. As for a dedicated graphics card, the Prestige 15 comes loaded with a powerful Nvidia GPU. With faster rendering thanks to its CPU and GPU, you can enjoy scrubbing through the timeline smoothly with real-time previews while editing videos anywhere.

What about battery life? With a 4-cell lithium-ion battery, the Prestige 15’s battery can last up to 16 hours. That should get you through your airport video editing session. To add to that, the Prestige 15 offers MSI’s exclusive True Pixel display. With Calman calibration, it is able to support 4K resolution and can display 100 percent of the AdobeRBG color gamut with color accuracy of Delta E<2 and True Color Technology.

Lastly, the Prestige 15 looks good. It’s crafted with an ultra-light and slim aluminum chassis that offers a refined design with diamond-cut edges. Its sand-blasted surfaces help it maintain its smooth texture.

Keep these 5 key features in mind as you shop

When deciding which laptop to buy for video editing, look for one that’s portable but still carries a powerful CPU and dedicated GPU. You’ll also want long battery life, a 4K resolution monitor, and a good-looking design. If you keep these five things in mind when purchasing your laptop, you’ll be editing your videos away from home without issue.

For more information about the MSI Prestige 15, visit www.msi.com.

MSI is globally recognized as a trailblazer and top brand in digital content creation. Built around MSI's decade-long pioneering tech in gaming, the Content Creation Series packs stunning color accuracy, long-lasting battery life, high fidelity audio and excellent performance into an ultra-portable, stylish chassis for photographers, graphic designers, 3D animators, video editors and other professionals around the world. For more formation, please go to https://us.msi.com.

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