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Graphic of various video resolutions up to 4K

Editing in 4K: Minimum System Requirements

To start editing 4K video, you’ll first need to ask yourself some questions about your projects. What type of footage will you be editing:...
In the real world around us, there are three hundred and sixty degrees of information, and it’s the directors job, along with the cinematographer, to figure out which very few degrees of that vista best help tell the story to the viewer.

Choosing the right focal length

You need to choose the right focal length to determine your shot's field of view or how much you capture in the frame. Here's how to do that.
Make shooting RAW your default plan; you can always change it.

When to shoot RAW (and when to skip it)

A RAW image frame is like a film negative — different processing can give you different results.

10 Shorts every cinematographer needs to see

Orson Welles often had great ideas for movies and then spent years going from studio to studio in Hollywood trying to get someone interested,...
4x4 traversing rocky road.

3 Tips for an Effective Multi-Action-Cam Shoot

The action camera market segment, popularized by GoPro, has made point of view (POV) filmmaking accessible to the masses. There’s something compelling about watching...
Get the Most from Your Editing Machine

How to optimize your editing machine for best performance

Unless you work for a restoration house or film archive, the days of having to edit video on a $10,000-dollar room-sized flatbed editor are...

Video formats explained

There are lots of video formats out there. How can you tell what is the best for your project? This quick tutorial will help you decide.
Time lapse videography: a new way of looking at things

How to create a stunning timelapse — even in changing light

One of the great things that timelapse video can do is show us our world in a way that’s impossible or very difficult for...
Filmmaking roles on set

Every filmmaking production role you need to know

Many professionals play key roles in the filmmaking process. Here is a quick rundown of everyone who makes the films we love possible.
Digital ISO standard is measured by how sensitive your camera sensor is to light combined with how good your camera’s firmware is at interpreting the signal from the sensor

ISO: What it is and how to control it

Put simply, ISO is how sensitive to light film stock is. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive your film and the less time...

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Video formats for cell phones

Video formats for cell phones

Need help deciding on which video format you should use for your video shot on your cell phone? We'll help you pick the right format.
The tracking shot defined

The tracking shot defined

Tracking shots are a perfect way for videographers to add dynamic movement to their videos and film projects.
Do You Need Your Camera to Capture DCI 4K? featured image

Do you really need your camera to capture DCI 4K?

Should you get a camera with 4K DCI, or is UHD good enough? The answer isn't as complicated as you may think.
Partial solar eclipse over an industrial skyline

How to capture the rare total solar eclipse on April 8th

A total solar eclipse will cross over North America on April 8, 2024. Here's what you should know before you go capturing this rare event.
Phone case for videography

The best phone cases for videography right now

If you're a filmmaker that uses your phone to capture video, you need the right phone case to keep your phone (and its camera) protected.
Everything you need for a video podcast setup fewatured image

Everything you need for a video podcast setup

So, you want to start a video podcast. That's great, but you before you can start, you need to make sure you get the right gear for the job.
The dos and don'ts of log shooting

The dos and don’ts of shooting in log

Many cameras today support log shooting, but if you want to make sure your videos look great using log, you need to know how to use it.
RED vs. ARRI: Which makes the better cinema camera?

RED vs. ARRI: Who makes the better cinema camera?

Both RED and ARRI cameras are the best of the best cinema camera companies. But which one makes the better cameras? Let's find out.

The best cheap video cameras: Budget cameras under $500

Sometimes, you have to work with a tight budget. That's why we're highlighting affordable cameras that offer exceptional value on the cheap.

The Most Deadly Mistakes When Shooting Interviews (And How to Survive...

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Say Goodbye to Dark Footage: Tips for Assessing Low-Light Performance

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Frame Rates Demystified: The Ultimate Decision – Smooth vs. Cinematic

Do you often hear the term frame rates but have no idea what it means? Well, don't worry because we've got your back! In...
Video shooter

6 exercises to become a better videographer

Do you want to make better videos? We have six exercises to help you practice your craft and become a better videographer.

Revamp the Quality of Your Webcam Footage with These Brilliant Tricks

Good day! Are you tired of blurry, poorly-lit webcam footage ruining your video calls? Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this video, we'll...