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    Hello Kyle, you may try to get a Digital Storytelling specialization at School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI > a brand strategist or a content strategist. SOIC game design students can also get scholarships and grants, if they participate in the open conferences and create open source projects or volunteer in educational content agencies that help poor kids.

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    Topic: Encore replacement

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    HELP!!! Back in the day I used Premiere pro 1.5 and encore 1.5 fast toward to the present I need this menu authoring ability again. Is there anything that works with Premier Pro CC to author a menu system. I’m using Corel’s “My DVD” but it’s really primitive.


    Sound cloud is ur best bet my friend. Other options include Youtube, but you’ll have to segregate audio from video in my opinion. Yes, in some cases, authors share their works on youtube and then leave downloadable links to download their free creative common audio content.

    hope it helps!


    Topic: Resources of jobs?

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    Hello Everyone,
    This is Nicoletta Kristen. Danish but live in Shanghai. Recently I am trying to find some freelance jobs.
    I do AE mostly, then footages and MG. And I have got invitations from Videohive and also 100Wa.
    Lots of authors and works on videohive, good or poor. Website looks good so far. But 100Wa offers me one good advantage term of earnings in advance for new authors. Attractive but never heard of 100Wa before.

    Has anyone had cooperations with videohive and 100Wa? Any good advice for me or if you have any other resources for people like me?

    Thanks in adfvance!



    Graphics cards were introduced to the computer and gaming world more than a decade ago. Hundreds and thousands of graphics cards have been developed that have served different purposes. In today’s era, several companies are manufacturing tons of graphics cards on daily basis. Looking for a good graphics card is no longer a hectic task. The internet is filled with thousands of best options and platforms for buying and selling graphics cards. Some of the known graphics cards manufacturing companies are:
    • Asus.
    • NVIDIA.
    • Zotac.
    • MSI
    • EVGA Corporation.
    • Gigabyte.
    • Sapphire Technology.
    You can millions of graphics cards manufactured by these brands and companies on the internet. Not only that, numerous online platforms provide you with hundreds of reliable and experienced graphics card wholesale distributors and suppliers. In addition to that, these stores offer their customers and users with several profitable deals and amazing discounts. I’ve composed a summarized list of some of the best online stores for buying graphics cards and other computer items:
    • AMD, authorized distributors of graphics cards.
    •, they provide huge discounts on all sorts of graphics cards.
    • eWorldTrade, your one-stop shop for all sorts of computer items and products.
    • Alibaba, they offer warrantied and high-quality computer products.
    • Flipkart, they known to provide some of the best and high-quality NVIDIA cards.
    This list is based on my personal opinion, which other online stores do you visit to purchase computer components?

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    Two years after the purchase of this Canon Legria HF G30 camcorder, I found that all plans were affected by variations in exposure making them difficult to exploit. I suspected a diaphragm problem. Diagnostics confirmed by an authorized Canon workshop; the diaphragm stops. Since the failure occurred gradually and I only use it once or twice a year, I did not really detect it until the warranty expired.
    Canon’s answer to my complaint: we are … sorry not to be able to consider the defect as a “hidden vice”.
    Balance: 20 days of correct operation (excellent quality) and 509 € of repair.


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    You are better off editing tape with a half way decent NLE editor and you then use a DVD authoring program to transform that into a playable DVD files.



    Hi all, I registered with VideoMaker strickly to advertise my Vegas Pro 15 video audio editing software bundle that I just won over at another site  

      I won the Vegas Pro 15 Video Audio Editing software bundle retailing for over $1250. I can't use Vegas because it won't run on Mac.


    I have the serial activation numbers for each of these:

    Vegas Pro 15 retail $599
    Vegas DVD architect (DVD Blu-ray disk Authoring) retail $99
    Hit Film Movie Essentials retail $299
    New Blue FX Filters 5 Ultimate Retail $250

    Can’t miss this deal! I’m offering it all for one thousand even!

    This will be a PayPal only deal


    I can tell you that I have a Canon XC15 (4K AND great 1080p) which kicks butt at run n gun and doc work…. built in 3 stop ND filter, shoots in C-Log, also comes with the MA-400 microphone adapter that you get with the C300 mk II, fixed lens (f2.8 – 5.6 aperture) with 35mm equivalent of 27mm-273mm, waveform monitor, focus peaking, the list goes on…. there are some excellent videos on youtube from William Ridenour on this XC15 camera and you'll mostly want to shoot in TV mode when running and gunning so you keep the same shutter speed and don't end up with weird footage…. this camera is made to work in semi-auto mode but also has full manual for when you have total control over lighting, etc…  from a authorized dealer it runs about $2200 now and also once again does 4K… it was made to shoot B-roll for the C300 mk II but works awesome as a main doc and event camera.  SEVERAL modes of image stabilization but I like powered the best.  Rent one and try it out, you won't be disappointed !  Records 4k to C Fast (only) and 1080p to SDHC / SDXC.  I had to upgrade to a newer card reader to read the new 64gb SDXC cards i bought for mine.  You will need to buy a reader for the C Fast as well.


    My opinion.. Why not get some freelance videographers? Why not travel to them? You will have to look at the cost compared to your company doing it and a freelancer. I see some issues with your with your post, as I do not know what kind of training material your company produces. Not everyone of your authors/speakers will have a studio or easy access to one. Let alone all the lighting and green screen knowledge. The freelancer could just record the presentation and send your company the raw files and then your company can do the post production. For my job, I found it is easier and in most cases cheaper for me to go to them, but have used freelancers for some.  



    I just joined the site and would like to see if anyone can assist me with my delima. I'm fairly certain that the issue is straight forward for most of you but I have no idea what I am doing.

    Here is the need.

    My company produces educational videos which we then package and sell on our website, we are trying to reduce video production costs which are frequently quite high as all of our authors/speakers live in different areas of the country so travel and housing is a big expense. What we would like to do is have our author produce content in their studio (green Screen) and live stream it to us at our studio where we can record the video, edit etc without the need for travel.

    Does this technology exist? Can it provide high quality video? what parts and pieces would I need to perform something like this? Would I need to hire someone with expertise in this area, if so where would I find an individual like that?

    I'm sure I have other questions that I'm not thinking to ask so any help I can get to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.


    Historically in the US the FAA has had sole authority over airspace but some are lobbying for a patchwork of state and local laws governing drones.

    Top Drone Misconceptions


    Hi all, 

    Got a slightly messy legal situation here. I have a client who I produce product promo videos for. Under their contract, it states that the work is produced for them (and not for a third party). It additionally grants them all rights included in final product ownership and distribution, however it does not grant them the original copyright ownership of the work, the rights to make changes on behalf of others, or the rights to the footage used in any form outside of the final product of each video.

    This client would like to now give these videos to one of their distrubutors, which is fine. Promos are pretty useless unless they can be shared! The kicker is that they want to grant their distributor ownership rights to the videos, including allowing the distributor to claim authorship, and allowing them to place the distributor's media channel logo on the video at the start and end, with no further attribution to my company or theirs.

    Where this gets particularly messy, is that many of the videos include footage provided under agreements or paid licensing for the specific and exclusive use of the original client. I'm aware that at least one of these contributors would not agree to their footage being claimed by this particular distributor. 

    After a lengthy conversation about why they cannot do this, the client then went ahead and gave the videos to the distributor anyway, allowing them to claim the videos as their own, and they were made public. I then wrote to them, and after not hearing back for 24 hours, wrote to the distributor explaining that they do not have the rights to claim the footage featured in these videos, offering them several, mainly free, solutions for how they can use the videos without making claims of authorship, but asking that they remove them from their site until we had the legal issues figured out. They complied, but (rightfully) sent my email on to my client to verify with them. My client then emailed my business threatening to sue us for breaching our contract, and trying to extort their distributor (because one of the options I gave the distributor was a paid release to use the videos as their own – which was mainly to cover any third party licensing which would need to be paid again for a second party's use, or any work on my part to incorporate their branding).   

    I'd be very interested to know what my options are here. 



    Well, just to set the record straight, Fair Use isn't "the often cited way around copyright in the US" as you suggest but is, in fact, a provision in Copyright law. And you're right, its use and limitations are very specific. Another way Daniel could stay legal if Fair Use seems too complicated or not applicable to his situation would be to put the short sentence in quotes and attribute it to its source and author at the end of his video piece.

    Unfortunately here in the U.S., "just asking" is often all but impossible. Publication rights, sync rights, performance rights, etc., frequently are owned by more than one entity and can be very difficult to track down. Many years ago I spent six fruitless weeks trying to obtain permission to use a Firehouse Five Plus Two recording. After speaking with four different agents and spending hours on the phone I finally gave up. No one knew for sure who owned the rights I needed and there was no public record to which I could turn. Sometimes being honest isn't easy but respecting intellectual property rights is important and we must make every effort.

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