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    Jack Wolcott from Bellevue WA, just outside Seattle. My wife and I own a video production company; been in business 13 years.

    I began working with video in 1964 — closed circuit instructional TV at The Ohio State University where I worked as studio cameraman, floor manager and director, and acting in public service shows on the local NBC affiliate. Later, when I came to Seattle, I hosted a program on the arts on the local PBS station.

    Taught at the University of Washington for 32 years, using video much of the time. Did research under IBM sponsorship for 10 years, part of that time developing laser-disc productions for use in higher education.

    After we started our business in 1998, Judy (wife) and I attended a couple of the early Videomaker conventions in Burbank, mostly to see what folks who were interested in video were doing. Since then I’ve taught three production seminars for Videomaker Magazine here in the Seattle area.

    Our company does a lot of one-on-one work with people who need help creating photo montages and transferring old tapes and film to DVD. We also do a great deal of work with local and national businesses, shooting seminars, documenting construction projects and developing and shooting promotional materials that get displayed at trade shows and on the web.

    I believe Videomaker Magazine provides an excellent service to people with an interest in video, both as a hobby and as a profession. The quality of product reviews is excellent — thorough and thoughtful — and the advice to be found it the magazine’s pages is usually spot on.


    I’ve noticed over the last 10 years the production industry has undergone a significant upheaval. Prior to the middle ’90’s, if you wanted to work in the production industry you had to work for an established house, a network or affiliate, or go into major debt to start your own company. Since ’96, the technology changed with the advent of DV, MiniDV, the breaking of AVID/Apple’s stranglehold on Non-linear Editing and the perfection of the Sony Handycam. Fast-forward to ’99 and suddenly not only were professional grade or (prosumer) cameras available (and affordable), hoards of software companies rushed to release new NLE software to the general public so they could do the unthinkable; make their own movies!

    In the following 10 years, we’ve seen the ‘guerilla filmmaker’ movement evolve into the current’independent filmmaker’ movement. But with Hollywood having taken over the moniker of ‘Independent Film’ (c’mon, how the hellare Mel Gibson or Robert Redford ‘Independent’?) by calling financed films independent and with the rising costs of once affordable production gear, is the Digital Revolution dying or is it dead?

Viewing 2 results - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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