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    Thanks for sharing a link to your blog. I see you’re getting zero interaction on your blog. See my response above to EarlC, why you should also consider guest blogging if you want want to grow traffic to your site.

    In regards to some of your comments:

    “Shawn, I can see what you are hoping to accomplish with the site you are building. A vast community to share resources for video work. Some other sites that have accomplished that goal?”

    Just to clarify: we are hoping to accomplish a “vast community” of free HD stock footage. We *might* ad other resources later, but for now we’re just focusing on free HD footage. I would have to disagree with you that is not doing the same thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see anyplace here that makes free HD stock clips easily accessible to download. They just link to other sites.

    “But suppose the site continues to grow, you are obtaining a lot of “free” footage and resources, but as the site grows so does management of the site, and a host of issues WILL come up, soon it will start to rob time, you will need more “free” help.”

    Who said we were looking for free help?

    “In the meantime while your services are free, ones (and many are members here) that obtain a few dollars by offering stock video and music are put out of business or cannot update their files because you are offering it for free.”

    You have no data to support that claim. We actually have a lot of data that suggests these free lower quality clips increase sales to other stock agencies who advertise on our site. Just to give you an idea of our background, we have been heavily involved in the stock graphic industry for a long time so this isn’t our first stab at building a website like you seem to be implying.

    “When I first saw your site I knew it was a great idea, but when I dug into it and realized that ANYONE can upload anything and make a claim, I can foresee that you will at some point in the near future need some very big lawyer’s.”

    Anyone can upload anything ANYWHERE and make false claims. Not just our site.

    “My first concern after seeing that is if these videos were downloaded (or any part of) from a paid for stock site then reuploaded here, that is file sharing.”

    Just to make it VERY clear, we do NOT allow this whatsoever. All videos that are uploaded are either considered public domain OR uploaded under a CreativeCommons license or our “Standard Videezy License” (which is very close to the CC license but gives users more control of their files by not allowing them to be shared on other sites without their permission).

    Regarding the copyright issues:

    Thank you for pointing out that spiral effect. The video has been removed and the user has been banned. We moderate every clip that comes through but that one somehow slipped past us. This is where we rely on the community for help. The community loves to police itself and tell on each other when they find something stolen. Just like you did here. So thank you for that πŸ™‚ We take immediate action to remove all clips that are not uploaded legally. YouTube was sued because they were hosting content that they didn’t own from the major broadcast networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, etc. We don’t allow that. All files are shared by users who own the content.



    You have an electronics issue. Specifically mic level, instrument level, line level.

    Your mic needs a pre amp between it and the amp.

    <p id=”post_message_7164479″>Line level is decibels across a standard voltage. It’s often expressed as decibel volts (dBv) or decibels unloaded (dBu). Each of these has its own reference voltage. But in any event, whether you’re basing it on +4dBv (so called pro standard) or -10dBu (so called consumer standard), you’re talking about a lot more level than mic level or instrument level.

    There is no standard for instrument level. For example, guitars and keyboards are not equal level instrument outputs, yet either can go through an amp, for instance. But instrument level’s usually somewhere between mic and line level, and to go true line level you usually need an active direct box of some kind. To go mic level, you can use an active or passive direct box.

    Microphones don’t put out much voltage, so the signal is the lowest of the three, and needs to be raised quite a bit to reach line level. Remember, the mic is a very small diaphragm moving against a coil, a charged backplate, or between magnets. Not much output. So mic preamps do the raising of the signal level, hence, “pre-amplification”. Different mics have different output levels, there isn’t a true standard. A condenser mic, for example, has an output so tiny that it needs a built in active preamplifier that raises the level enough to reach typical mic level! This is why you have such things as tube mics, for that preamplification.

    Hope this explanation helps a little!


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    Hope this is your answer if I read your post correcly – good luck with your project.


    I notice that there is version comparison of Adobe Premiere Pro CS<st1:chmetcnv unitname=”a” sourcevalue=”4″ hasspace=”True” negative=”False” numbertype=”1″ tcsc=”0″ w:st=”on”>4 a</st1:chmetcnv>nd CS3 at the adobe official site:

    Have a look at the long list, and you will find the functional improvement in Premiere CS4. However, there is no particular comparison on import file formats. Here is the list I collected for reference. If I get the wrong information, please inform me πŸ˜‰

    Supported file formats (Premiere CS4 and CS3):

    – AVI Movie (*.avi)

    – Adobe Illustrator Art (*.ai)

    – Adobe Title Designer (*.prtl)

    – Adobe Title Designer (*.ptl)

    – Adobe Sound Document (*.asnd)

    – CompuServe GIF (*.gif)

    – FLV (*.flv)

    – JPEG (*.jpg,*.jpe,*.jpeg,*.jfif)

    – MP3 Audio (*.mp3,*.mpeg,*.mpg,*.mpa,*.mpe)

    – Macintosh Audio AIFF (*.aif,*.aiff)

    – P2 Movie (*.mxf)

    – Photoshop (*.psd)

    – Shockwave flash object (*.swf)

    – Sony VDU File Format Importer (*.dlx)

    – TIFF image file (*.tif,*.tiff)

    – Truevision Targa File (*.tga,*.icb,*.vst,*.vda)

    – Windows Media (*.wmv,*.wma,*.asf,*.asx)

    – Windows WAVE audio file (*.wav)

    – Bitmap (*.bmp,*.dib,*.rle)

    – Portable Network Graphics (*.png)

    – Encapsulated PostScript ?? (*.eps)

    – Icon file (*.ico)

    – Adobe Premiere 6 Bins (*.plb)

    – Adobe Premiere 6 Storyboards (*.psq)

    – Adobe Premiere 6 Projects (*.ppj)

    – Adobe Premiere Pro Projects (*.prproj)

    – Adobe After Effects Projects (*.aep)

    – Adobe After Effects Projects (*.aepx)

    – CMX3600 EDL (*.edl)

    – FilmStrip (*.flm)

    – MPEG Movie (*.mpeg,*.mpe,*.mpg,*.m2v,*.mpa,*.mp2,*.m<st1:chmetcnv unitname=”a” sourcevalue=”2″ hasspace=”False” negative=”False” numbertype=”1″ tcsc=”0″ w:st=”on”>2a</st1:chmetcnv>,*.mpv,*.m2p,*.m2t)

    – QuickTime Movie (*.mov,*.mp4)

    Supported by Premiere CS4, not-supported by CS3:

    – FLV (*.flv)

    – HD Movie(*.mts,*.m2ts)

    – VOB (*.vob)

    – F4V (*.f4v)

    – Adobe After Effects Projects (*.aepx)

    – QuickTime Movie (*.3gp,*<st1:chmetcnv unitname=”g” sourcevalue=”0.3″ hasspace=”False” negative=”False” numbertype=”1″ tcsc=”0″ w:st=”on”>.3g</st1:chmetcnv>2)

    – MPEG-4 (*.m4v)

    Supported by Premiere CS3, not-supported by CS4:

    – FilmStrip (*.flm)

    – PCX (*.pcx)

    – AAF (*.aaf)

    Non-supported file formats (Premiere CS4 and CS3):

    – RealMedia file (*.rm, *.rmvb)

    – DAT (*.dat)

    – MKV (*.mkv)

    – TiVo (*.tivo)

    Well, it is clear that CS4 supports more import file formats. When using CS4, it is easy to import FLV, VOB files. But if you have not upgraded your Adobe Premiere to CS4 yet, use [url=]import plug-in[/url] to make your premiere compatible with FLV, VOB, MKV, DAT. The plug-in enables quick import without conversion, which optimize the workflow for getting video to premiere. It also works with CS4 for getting RMVB, DAT, MKV, TiVo to Premiere.


    In reply to: What Laptop to Buy.


    ‘im going into film industry next year too a community college and they recomend Mac Book Pro all the way’

    Well, I’m ‘in’ the film industry and I’m telling you that’s just hype. With apple you just get ‘Apple flavor’ ’cause it’s the only one that authorizes the ossoftware and specific hardware to be made. It wasn’t always that way. Mac’s can also get viruses and are great ‘carriers’ of viruses because though they may not be specifically attacked, because mac users are lulled into a false sense of security many viruses piggyback on mac units until theyare plugged into a ‘friendly’ network. Many of the ‘pro’s’ you describe have either used macs since their inception (myself included) or have had training using apple technology (many schools and universities have apple’s on hand.) Apple has just been around the industry longer, that’s it. No matter what anyone says, they aren’t ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than pc’s. I’ve had the misfortune of working with mac’s that were a pain out of the box and others that were workhorses. Same with pc’s. When someone will finally take all the good things from mac’s, pc’s, and linux and make a laptop that’s the equivalent of the AK-47 (leave it in the mud for a month, pull it out, unclog it and it fires), I’ll roll with that and won’t look back. Jeez, enough already.

    On the serious side, if you really want a pc laptop and you have a requirement to share files cross-platform then you can always pick up a copy of Mac Drive to install on your unit. I’ve used it at various times over the years and though you can’t install apple based software on your pc, it takes away any excuses concerning file sharing with macs particularly if you’re using cross-platform software. Besides, all of the pro NLE software will allow you to output into a format compatible with mac’s or pc’s anyway.

    As for which pc laptop to get, you haveone mainstream options and one ‘off the beaten track’ option.

    Mainstream is to buy an ‘off the shelf’ laptop from one of the big names like Sony, HP, Dell or Alienware. These units will be like most macs in that their pre-built with no customization. You just base the pre-installed features on what you need/want.

    Off the beaten… is to go custom built. I am not familiar with whether Sony does custom built units, but HP, Dell and Alienware will customize you up to the point of hardwiring it to your brain. Another custom option (that will be cheaper) is to get a custom built workstation style laptop from an outfit like Systemax. I’ve personally had custom units built and only get customized units for my company. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting and how powerful it is. Also, you have the benefit of Sh*** canning all that bundled software that pc’s and mac’s love to toss in. That stuff doesn’t belong on a professional tool. The drawback about custom laptops is a Roman aluded to, hard core customizing will take you into the same price range as comparable macs.

    Concerning the tech ‘mumbo jumbo’, the only things that should concern you are the requirements youneed/want to run your programs. Whether on a budget or not, get the most RAM and the fastest processor you can afford. The best options right now are a quad core cpu and at least 2 GB of RAM (4 is better). Get a good-sized harddrive (160GB or bigger) so you’ll have room for software and doing edits and graphics. Far as graphic cards go, make sure your potential card is compatible with the NLE/graphics software you intend to use. Another caveate for using an XP or Vista-Bizpc is you don’t have to deal with that FAT32 file size non-sense. I can’t tell you anything about Win7. I’ve learned to stand clear of betas until they get the software solidified.

    Lastly, the ‘big diff’ between 32 and 64-bit OS’ is the ‘width’ of the ‘bus speed’. Simply put, you get twice as much info passing through a ‘bigger tube’. 64-bit is 2x ‘wider’ than a 32-bit bus. If you’re just using your system for ‘plain business’ or goofing around like that slacker kid in the ‘I’m a mac’ commercial, 32-bit is definitely for you. However, if you are doing serious graphic, motion graphic, audio production, animation and video/film work 64-bit is the ‘shining path’ awating you. Provided you have the proper system and hardware requirements to accomodate a 64-bit OS, imagine a world of faster render times, smoother playback and wonderfully large files ‘dancing through your system with little or no difficulty. We just built a 64-bit system and from now on all of our production units will follow suit.

    So those are some additional things for you to consider.


    Hi Productions,

    I’m attending a show in Las Vegas as a vendor in mid August. If you get to make it to the WEVA convention August 14th or 15th, stop by and say hello. I’ve got a spot right at the entrance; booth 300 just inside the door. If you can’t make it, put down one thing I should do while I’m in Vegas. I’ve never been there, and I’ve got a day after the event to hang out.

    Some experienced vendors always stay away from the entrance of conventions and some try to always be there, but for me with a new product intro I would like to touch as many people as I can, even if it is just hype near the door.

    The newer businesses go into purchasing booth space or magazine ads and get some tire kickers. Repeated exposure to marketing is what makes people decide to become interested, if they are in your target market. One of the mistakes, as Hi Productions stated, is that someone just shows up to a convention as a vendor with no follow up plans. And while you do get to meet some amazing people at your booth they don’t become customers right then because they are overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds of the event.

    Any high school or college marketing manual will tell you about users needing to see something multiple times before they act on that exposure. When you catch newspaper editors or magazine reps off guard on a weekend discussing their business they tell you pretty candidly that unless users get repeated exposure, they won’t act on the suggestions in their paper media. Yes, they are trying to sell me their service, so they have a reason to get me to purchase more ad / booth space. But from their own perspective, if they get one time advertisers who don’t get results and bad mouth their print/booth space, they stand to lose. The more honest editors discourage one time advertisers, by telling the truth. My magic number is 3; I do physical advertising things in threes when I can afford it. The first ad or booth is a trial, to set up in that space. The second one builds on results from the first exposure. By the third time, you know what the booth crowd is like, what trends the magazine will bring you, and your presentation or ad space actually looks better than the first time. If you can afford it and can keep doing it, continuing to put your ads or booths up will bring in fresh leads. But for me after the booths and ads are placed, I get these consenting lead sheets. I then start the internet campaign. Email newsletters once every 4 weeks. The bride/grooms who sign up for tickets have given consent to getting marketing material, and e-mail is by far the most inexpensive way to market and track. I always have opt out links, and get a few people who do unsubscribe right away. When I first started, I thought, "all I have to do is show up as a booth vendor or put in one magazine ad, and I’ll get lots of buyers". Completely false. I get a lot of lookers. My campaign is now more realistic; I advertise in print and set up booths with the intent of raising awareness and meeting people to see how the market is reacting to my service. Once I get leads from print and booth events, the real work begins of keeping in contact with these emailable leads. Repeated contact, repeated exposure. By creative linking in email newsletters I can see that people forward these to their friends. They come by to my site, then come back again a bit later. They use my site’s ‘tell a friend’ form to bring more people in. By tying my marketing efforts together and giving power to my potential users to market for me, I get a much more informed, educated, interested user. Yes it’s a lot of work. But the purchasers of my service tell me with their dollars that this is effective when they buy from me.

    I am finding out that by signing up and paying early as a vendor you get great pick spots in your events. This happenned when I was choosing booth space and magazine ads. There is a set rate in all rate cards, but I chose events far in the future and then got in touch with the sales reps. Things are negotiable when you get in on it early enough. There is leeway to move about, lower the pricing, get discounts. It also helps to choose suppliers who produce multiple events. I signed up with a vendor who is putting on a wedding show and later found out that they are starting up a new wedding magazine later in the year, targeted to the highest end Chicago market. They already have a successful magazine running in chicago, and being a small business owner I would never have been able to afford the full page ad in their current magazine. But since this one is a new magazine coming out, since I already had purchased a booth, I was early enough and able to get the outside back cover of the as yet non existent magazine. An additional benefit which I never expected is the Lead Sheets that they delivered. These date back from current leads to their first magazine website, from about 1 1/2 year ago, all delivered online, in excel documents. They include the name, email, address, and wedding date of their signups. While I agree a lot of these older leads are not current, the wedding dates show that about a quarter of these leads have a wedding sometime in mid to late 2007. So by signing up early for the wedding show, I got a discount there, they then told me about an upcoming magazine and I got an extreme discount there, got good positioning at both places, and unexpectedly got a few thousand leads in the process.

    Hi Productions summarized very well what took me too long to ramblingly address: Keep getting more business by continuing to market your product, service, or information effectively. This doesn’t mean throwing money into adspace/booths and forgetting about the results. It means being scrappy, pursuing, and looking for new ways to maximize your exposure. You can either stay in business for 20 years and build up slowly over time or put some creative marketing into play early on in your career. It also means taking some risk. Only put up the amount of resources that you are comfortable losing. Because from the time you become determined to push your business to the next level, you will be spending not just money, but also time and effort. Give enough time to follow up on your leads and be realistic about what you expect back, and when you expect it. In the worst case scenario when you see that absolutely nothing is working, be prepared to tell yourself honestly that it’s not working. But from the little victories I have had, unless I put myself out there I know I would not have been able to meet the people and build the relationships which are making me successful.

    I know that as technical people we like to DO ; doesn’t matter what, we just have to be doing it. But taking a step back and intelligently planning the future of your own business gives concrete direction. In some respects all planning ends up with different results than you expect. Like building developers, we plan and prepare and build for the future, and the hope is that a reward is waiting in the future. While waiting for that reward to come in, we do the most effective marketing and sales we can. And I’m glad for being able to come into contact with people who gently push in the right directions.
    Share Your Wedding Video in a password protected space[/b][/i]

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