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    In our video production industry the only constant seems to be change. The landscape of the who, what, when & where is in constant flux. At least now we’re seeing some awesome improvements in the availability of digital tools that streamline the entire production process. Join us on Wednesday 4/7/21 @ 4:00pm pst as we’ll be diving into one such solution ( which we believe is worth your time to explore with us. As always please bring your questions so that we can learn together.

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    Ever have a call with a client looking for a quote for animation but not sure what it will cost or who you should talk to? We definitely have, and this is why we brought on experienced animators to talk about their craft and the best way to include animation in your projects. On 2/24/21, we’ll go over budget, timing, and how to make the process seamless. As always, bring your questions and let’s learn together!

    Plus we’ll be giving away a $50 B&H gift card (must be logged in to to view the answer to the trivia question).

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    I also have some issue with this one. I hope I can learn and solve my issue soon.

    jerry urdadscallingjerry urdadscalling

    I really want to start getting into more serious level compositing, and I see many great online resources for such stuff are basically all Nuke tutorials and courses. It’s a breath of fresh air from the usual tutorials that I feel like I’ve outgrown, especially since I’ve finally tackled the node-based workflow with Blackmagic Fusion.

    Here’s my concern: I really want to start a Nuke compositing course, but… I don’t really want to use Nuke. I have the non-commercial version installed, but I much prefer to work in Fusion. I don’t like being limited to FHD and knowing I won’t be able to actually use the software for paid jobs that may come in the future, as I don’t ever see myself being able to afford Nuke on my own if I’m not a part of a VFX house that provides a license for it. Fusion’s free version doesn’t have those limitations, and I know for a fact I’ll be able to buy the studio version in the future, as it’s a one time purchase of just $300.

    Would I still be able to follow along with a Nuke compositing course if I use Fusion? On the surface level, both Nuke and Fusion seem to work very similarly, but I know Nuke can go to a very deep level, and I’m not sure if Fusion is as capable at that level. Does anyone here have any experience with deep level compositing in Fusion and can share some insight? Thanks!


    So what do we do every year during the holiday season? We make outlandish, unattainable, and often ridiculous resolutions that almost all of us already know we will not keep. Interested in a better video / film success plan for 2021+? To help find a more useful solution to this New Year’s ritual we invited the authors of You Can Choose to share their proven techniques. As always, bring your questions and let’s learn together. Join us on December 30th @ 4:00pm PST.

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    Plus we’ll be giving away a $50 B&H gift card.


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    Our mission is to build a community where we all thrive together by creating more win-win relationships! We also strongly believe in the power of referrals and therefore encourage you to promote the rockstars of our industry by giving them a referral. To show our support we’ll be giving away a monthly $100 B&H Gift Card to whoever is at the top of our homepage leaderboard which is primarily based on giving and receiving referrals.

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    Dominic Quin-HarkinDominic Quin-Harkin

    Im in the conundrum of beginning my home studio setup, and and feeling the fear that one purchase will lead to another… and then another… and then another. I’d like to get it setup correctly, with expandability and usefulness.

    Here’s my intent: 2-3 camera setup (straight, angle, overhead) webcast livefeeds, recording and editing into youtube posts. Blogging and Vlogging. possible screenshare.
    I don’t game so nothing like that. But my subject matter is health coaching, emotional, mental well-being, coping techniques, etc..
    Videos with PiP, text overlays.
    budget- $500-750 total.

    Now here’s the problem:
    1. Everyone says “I love my Elgato Stream Deck with my USB webcams”
    2. “I love my Atem mini with camcorders, DSLR”
    3. I love my Elgato AND my Atem Mini!!

    I currently have a Logitech Brio 4k, a Nikon DSLR, I’m learning OBS, have both a USB mic and Audio mixer.
    -If I go with the Atem mini- only has HDMI inputs, and I don’t know of any USB-to-HDMI convertors to go with webcams. I can switch, pip, audio control. I will need to 2 addtl camcorders or DSLR (If I go the the Mini Pro, then I can record to SSD). AM I MISSING ANYTHING?

    -If I go with the Elgato, then all inputs should be USB in multi-USB port, correct? they definitely have HDMI-to-USB convertors, and from what I’ve read, the stream desk can do virtually anything with the buttons. I will have to buy 1 additional camera (webcam or camcorder/DLSR). AM I MISSING ANYTHING?

    For what I want to do (which other than biweekly live streams would be live video editing into youtube posts), would anyone have insight, direction, recommendations to stay within my budget?

    thank you,


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    That is necessary to find some nice courses and I think that you will learn it quickly


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    Shirley: This thread was started and responded to in 2016 — long before Zoom. You’re absolutely right (now, in 2020) that Zoom may well be a useful tool. How well students learn in the Zoom classroom, however, is yet to be seen.

    Hi, I’m looking for healthy conversation.
    Recommend good movies of any language.
    I mainly looking for screenplay and cinematography.

    Steve GaleaSteve Galea

    Hello, as per the title, I need your help to buy a lighting kit. I am based in Australia, so the reccomendations would need to ber available here please (we cant import anything from outside of Australia really atm).

    I’m going to be creating a youtube channel that helps people who have medium to no cooking skillls, learn how to cook.
    This will be filmed by myself (i have multiple cameras & rigs already, as Im a photographer) in my kitchen.
    I need lighting for the kitchen obviously, and after reading a lot and watching many videos I’m a bit overwelmed as what to choose. The only things I seem to find in common is that a 3 point softbox lighting kit is the way to go.

    I dont want anything extremely expensive, I’m thinking a budget of upto $200 for a kit? But happy to spend a little more if it makes a good quality difference. If I’m way off the mark, please also let me know.

    Any help on this would be very appreciated.
    Thanks for your time to read this.

    Thank you


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    Editing video is more accessible to amateurs thanks to the availability of free software. It can be daunting to learn how to edit videos without professional-level training. It is possible to edit everything – from a family vacation montage to a pilot episode of a web series. MiniTool MovieMaker created guides on how to approach editing, even if you’ve never use the software before.


    My computer can’t handle most of these video editing programs, so I would like to buy a computer that will work with these programs – I appreciate if you could let me know what computer you are using. I don’t want to go to the store and have a salesperson mislead me just to make a sale; sorry to say this, but it has happened to me before. My daughter wants to learn Video Editing and make videos for Youtube, but the editing programs we are using now don’t offer features that the more advance editing programs do that we want. We appreciate any help you can give us with this. Thanks.


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    I just purchased the A6400 a couple of days ago. It’s my first mirrorless camera and coming from a 6D it is a huge change in many positive ways.
    Love the Auto Focus it is a GIANT upgrade coming from a camera with 11 point AF points to a camera with 425 and eye AF that locks on solid. This alone was worth the upgrade
    Love the 11 FPS continuous shooting
    Love the $900 price.

    I’m still new with the camera and getting to learn it but I am very impressed.


    I am a newbie. For background, I use to shoot TV news video … with a 16 mm film camera back in the 70’s. But all this new tech…wow. I went to the local camera shop and was considering a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, really, as a learning tool. But my salesperson questioned the wisdom of the camera, and suggested I look at a Panasonic Gh5 or Sony a7iii with an Atomos Ninja V if I wanted to shoot anything in ProRes or some other less compressed format. The argument: better focusing, better “run and gun” capabilities, etc. Is this good advice? Thanks for you help.

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    Topic: A Little Help Please

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    Hello To all, first time posting here for help, my daughter wants to learn all about video editing and doing all sorts of fun things with Video’s, she wants to learn and have fun with our family videos changing faces on each others bodies and adding goofy fun clips and etc,
    What are the best tools we can get her to learn and have fun with all types of Video’s … ? she has always loved Video’s and movies, always wanted to know how to make them, how to make animated movies, special affects and etc, she is in high school now and keeps asking me to buy here face editing/ face changing software,
    all info will be helpful, Thank You to all who read and reply

Viewing 15 results - 1 through 15 (of 3,588 total)

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