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    In reply to: Hi I’m new.

    You're in the right place! This community is one of the friendliest that I've seen and most helpful. Just ask whatever question(s) you have and post it to the forum and there will usually be someone there to help. I was an amatuer self trained "virgin videographer" myself when I joined almost a year ago and I've learned so much from the community here! Don't be afraid to ask questions and definitely browse not only the articles on the site but also through the forums!


    In reply to: Shooting welding


    Can't answer this from experience. This issue came up in a 2009 Videomaker Forum post:, and there are several extended discussions if you Google "danger of videotaping welding."


    I stand by what I first said. You describe yourself as ignorant of the necessary equipment, skills and understanding of this medium, yet you profess to wanting to have your own business, a business which requires an intimate knowledge of all these skills and the artistry associated with the medium.

    Ignorance is a condition which is best rectified by learning; the amount of knowledge and artistry you appear to require, by your own admission, is most easily and thoroughly acquired through formal instruction, perhaps in community college classes or as an apprentice to a successful video professional. You certainly can pick up bits and pieces through YouTube and on-line articles, but these will not provide you with the comprehensive knowledge necessary to succeed in the video business.

    Today professional videographers are surrounded by amateurs shooting video with iPhones and Pads. To succeed in competition with this mob you must be able to deliver a product better than what they are capable of. In my judgement I don’t think this can be accomplished through pick-me-up bits and pieces on line. Studying and analyzing film is important, no question. Reading Videomaker Magazine and DV and other trade papers, watching on-line webinars and following forums will help you to understand what you’re doing. But none of this will take the place of a systematic course of study or a rigorous apprenticeship.


    Take a look at this 2011 Videomaker Forum exchange for a start: It may answer some of your questions.

    Generally speaking, upres from SD to HD is unsatisfactory as there are simply not enough pixels in the SD format to permit a successful upres. At the very least you will have letter-boxing and almost certainly a softening of the PD-170 image. You might try using Handbrake to convert the SD to MP4 and see if that helps.

    iMovie, like Windows Movie Maker would not be my software of choice. I suspect you’ll get more satisfactory results using Final Cut Express although I’m not a Mac user and am only guessing at this.


    The process involves digitizing the VHS signal. Although there are converters on the market that will do this, perhaps the least expensive way is to purchase a cheap digital camera that will convert the analog signal to a digital signal. I use a digital 8 Sony DCR TRV530 which I purchased on eBay for about $100 to do this. Connect the outputs (video and audio) from your VHS deck to the corresponding inputs in your camera, then out of the camera via firewire to your computer. You’ll need a firewire card in the computer to do this.

    Another option is to use a fire wire to USB conversion cable from the camera to your computer. Take a look at this Videomaker Forum exchange for more on this, keeping mind that it was written 5 years ago and that, as the comments indicate, folks have had mixed success with these adapters:

    Look at software such as that made by Magix (Movie Edit Pro) and Corel (Movie Studio) — there are countless others as well — to see it they satisfy your editing needs and fit within your budget. They will allow you to capture the VHS video and edit it, add color correction and produce the kind of results you’re looking for.


    Step 3- Have expenses hosted. Hosting your website is significantly like putting it in a brochure, to become introduced into the market. A simple website hosting will runs you as low as $ 9 per month, though an e-commerce site hosting will set you back as almost as much ast $80. Your user will not mind whoever will host your website; thus make a choice that has good tract record. A single that will share you data on operation down time, together with other information may affect objective operation.

    As you know by now, there is abundance of different programs online businesses, each better than the other, offering and promising the success we demand. You can get some sort of feedback with them from relating forums specialists learn from others’ experiences free of charge.

    Do your research. The web attributes plethora of resources on the net waiting in which you. Join online boards for your niche. Go to your local Chamber of Commerce and become a associate. Get active in your community – and learn methods to make your online business successful.

    The basic premise of Monitium is usually you can establish – one team and apply that team to various MLM companies (all through Monitium’s online platform for management). Or perhaps something team was created to enable you to get multiple commissions from many affiliated marketing networks – products.

    Making sure the job to do at home opportunity is legitimate is of course a primary factor. Without the pain . online job opportunities you will find that alternatives here . going to become lot of scams, as well as good legitimate business programs. You need to know that’s which.

    Sell affiliated marketing networks – Products: Anyone have a marketing streak in yourself, then opt these self affiliated marketing products. Search the web and definitely will be greeted with plenty of options that you may choose out of. It is crucial to pick from a which you have actually used and believe in, so a person need to know just how and to whom in promoting them. The particular that follows is not ever a laugh. In fact if done right on an even basis one could actually make a living from the jawhorse.

    The common question that I’m guessing that you’ll probably asking your self at when ever is the way i can use hub pages to funds. Hug pages are known to act like an internet page portal or a blog. How one can want it to act will solely be dependent on what you are to make happen. All hub pages are simple web pages that have a load of on him. What you choose to put more than a page to be a source of information will solely be selection. It is important to remember however that what ever information you wind up putting for the page is both reliable and recommended.

    If a person buying a” make money from home” program simply because job to at home, make sure the website has details. If there just isn’t contact info, just move on it’s probably a scheme. Do research on whomever selling the product, as well as the product itself.

    In order to go into a web based business initial scratch . need to experience a large store. You may even make use of basement as a store. Suggest need is a small capital with an individual could start your marketplace. In case you don’t have any sufficient capital, you could sell somebody else’s providers get transaction fee. Both are equally lucrative ways to earn. Indicates go to internet, a couple of enough in addition to websites which might be looking for affiliated authors.


    In reply to: Music Video Advices


    This has been asked before on here:


    There are so many possibilities I'd suggest spending some time viewing videos on Youtube to get a sense of what others have done. You could flood the area with light or use directional spots on each performer. Lighting helps set the mood and tone of a music video, and that has to be figured out first. Then develop a lighting plan.


    In reply to: What is Cubase LE 6?


    Thanks for the information and links!


    BTW, I posted roughly the same question to the Cubase English-language forum at about the same time as I posted to VideoMaker and so far I have received ZERO responses there!


    If their user community is has so little activity on it or is so unwilling to answer a few questions from a newbie it doesn't make Cubase sound like a good choice even if it is free.  This newbie has had a much friendlier reception when I've posted questions on the Audacity and Reaper forums.



    You may be confused by Encore, at first.  I advise a lot of patience. 


    Since you already own Encore, this is the best program to have πŸ˜‰  I would also recommend visiting Adobe's Encore Forum as well.  There are helpful individuals who can sort out many common questions…if you can't find them from past questions:


    Hi there, I'm new to the forum but have been following Videomaker articles and forums for the past few years. I work as Training Coordinator at a public access station and will be teaching several summer camps that teach video production concepts to kids. I'm looking for some new ideas for hands-on activities for beginners. Our station has always done things such as "video alphabet" or "video scavenger hunt" but I want to shake things up a little. Any other ideas out there? Thanks and I'm happy to be a part of the Videomaker community!


    I am 73, female, with limited computer knowledge, so for me–this is a biggie.


    I am working on a tutorial for Dummies as I could find little help with the editing, etc. from any of the online video community forums. Although they have a "How To" manual it did not go into some of the details in depth. I could not have navigated through the editing of the videos without help from the online Honestech Customer Support Techs (both through their 800 number and email support).


    In response to my question on creating a tutorial, "You are welcome to put up tutorials online. As long as you do not claim they are official videos from the company, you will be okay use the product for review and tutorial purposes."


    I would like to create a video for You Tube (but that is another learning challenge), so my first endeavor will be a tutorial I will post on e-How. Yes, this device did everything it said it can do!







    Member    You're not the first with this problem. Right here on these very forums your problem has been discussed                RicK Crampton


    Hi Maria


    I have CS 5.5 and CS6 but I don't think I could replicate your problem to help with a solution.


    I think your best way to get help especially with that error message are the adobe forums.


    If you don't have an Adobe ID you can get one and then be able to ask questions.   I used it and got an answer the same day.  People who use the products as well as Adobe staff monitor the forum in order to help.


    It doesn't even matter whether ypu bought a copy or got one from a friend or something.  They don't ask.


    Here is the link



    It says Login in the top right corner. Click there and if you have an id enter it if you don't you can create one.  Anyone can create one.


    Normally I like to be more helpful but your problem needs people with more experience than I









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