Roland V-02HD video mixer lets you switch between two cameras with your feet

Roland’s just unveiled the V-02HD multi-format video mixer. This mixer is hailed as a “video production problem-solver” because of its immense versatility. It empowers a single camera operator to switch between two cameras with a footswitch.

The V-02HD blends a simple switcher, high-quality scaler, input expander, and inline video effects/composition and audio solution in one unit. Essentially, it’s a switcher/scaler/expander that can correct audio and put in real-time video effects. This all looks to saves you space and time by having everything you need during your broadcast right on one device.

“the portable-yet-powerful device that lets you concentrate on producing your event or shooting your scenes, rather than trouble-shooting your gear,” says Roland.

Roland reveals the V-02HD video mixer
Roland reveals the V-02HD video mixer

Dual camera switching

Two camera shoots can have their own set of stressful problems. The V-02HD looks to simplify camera operators’ job. According to Roland, the V-02HD takes the HDMI output from two cameras and “seamlessly” switches to a connected recorder or live streaming encoder. The device can also switch between cameras using its dedicated controls or its footswitch.

As a simple switcher, the V-02HD promise to provide cross-dissolve switchover between sources with still maintaining hi-res “pixel-accurate” display resolution with deep 10-bit 4:4:4 color space.

Matching resolutions

Now, not all HDMI-equipped devices are compatible. However, the V-02HD can match them to the resolution of the receiving device and then resize them to fit the associated display by offering both input and output scalers along with HDCP/Multi-format support. The unit accepts both SD and HD and computer resolutions from 1080/59.94p to 640 x 480/ 60 Hz VGA.

Roland V-02HD  Camera Operator
Roland V-02HD can be mounted to a tripod and used by a single camera operator.

Audio mixing

The audio from both cameras and external sources can be mixed together on the V-02HD. The resulting mix is then embedded with the video switch and output over HDMI.

Onboard audio processing features three-band EQ, high-pass filter, compressor, noise, gate, multi-band compressor, limiter and delay, and a test tone output.

Real-time effects

The V-02HD had 14 visual effects that can be applied in real-time. Those effects can be fine-tuned. There’s also 5 additional effect can add things like titles and uses a green screen with the Key effect.

To learn more about Roland’s V-02HD, go to Roland’s official site.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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