GO:MIXER PRO hooked up with a smartphone
Roland has announced the audio mixer: GO:MIXER PRO

For music enthusiasts, Roland has just announced a new audio mixer and app that allows users to create “high-quality” music-centered videos on smartphones.

It’s called the GO:MIXER PRO. It’s the newest model of the company’s original GO:MIXER — which as a device that could record up to five audio sources to your smartphone.

“A modern smartphone is great at capturing video, but its built-in microphone simply doesn’t provide the sound quality and control needed to create polished content that stands out from the crowd,” Roland says. “Roland’s GO:MIXER PRO is the ultimate hardware audio device for smartphone content creators, combining multi-channel mixing, sound monitoring, and more in one affordable, palm-sized device.”


Users can simultaneously record up to nine different sources with this audio mixer

The GO:MIXER PRO can record and mix up to nine different inputs simultaneously. So you can record an entire band performance with this little device and likely still have a few extra open sources.

The controls on the GO:MIXER PRO allow you to adjust the volumes of your inputs and their outputs are sent directly to your smartphone. The device can be powered either with your smartphone or a AAA battery.

It additionally has a headphone output with level control, so if you want to hook up your pair of headphones and monitor what your recording, you can do that. Also, the GO:MIXER PRO works with Roland’s 4XCAMERA app as well as the company’s new Virtual Stage Camera app.

Virtual Stage Camera App can transport your band to the top of the Empire State Building

Roland also has released an app to accompany the GO:MIXER PRO to allow “users to quickly create fun and attractive videos.” The app essentially removes the background from a performance video in real time and replaces it with either video clips or stills from your smartphone. If you want it to look like your band is playing underwater in the Pacific ocean, this app can do that.

The Virtual Stage Camera app is compatible with iOS mobile devices.

Pricing and Availability

The GO:MIXER PRO is priced at $169.99 and is available now.