zooming it just something


zooming it just something you don’t see in hollywood films.

I disagree. Just look at afilmlike Cloverfield.Thereis very evident zoominginthat movie, grantedit’smadeto looklike “amateur”footage,but that stillshows zoomingin Hollywood.

What abouta movielike Lordofthe Rings?In Fellowship,theyusedzooming,thoughitmay nothave been aparent. The used a technique called a zoom tracking shot or dolly zoom shot. It’s where they zoom in as they track out on a dolly, or zoom out as they track in. The idea is it changes the perspective of the scene while making it feel as if we are almost not moving. I think Jaws might have used this shot too, but I can’t remember for certain.

Also,I just wantedtopointout thatthough a shallow depthof fieldis verycommoninfilm,it’s notsetin stone.Just lookat Orsen Welles.

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