Zoobie, You have my absolu



You have my absolute respect as a comedy writer. Of all the genres comedy is the hardest. My sense of humor is mad dark and rarely does that translate well to movie audiences. My latest film is a horror spoof of Reality TV’s inevitable solution to ratings. There’s stuff in there that will make you laugh, but I only put it in there to offset all of the ‘other stuff’. To purposefully humorous through an entire film… Uhy!

Though I’ve been working on narrative projects more, I haven’t given up on docs. In fact, I’m gearing up for post on two big doc projects. You’ll be happy to know that one is more of a ‘news style’ expose’ on different topics and the other is a subject I’ve never worked on before. Now, it’s in a genre I’ve seen good and horrible renditions of the topic, which is why I’m taking a little time to really look at the footage and see where it wants to go.

I’m on the fence about which is ‘easier’ between docs and narrative. Both have their challenges and depending on how big the project is, you’ll still have to deal with other people’s foolishness while trying to get job done.

If you get some spare time, take a look at the ‘Writing on Spec’ Thread. The video attached is probably something you can identify with.

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