Zoobie wrote: jerron…the


Zoobie wrote: jerron…the idea of yours that the professional film and video industry uses FCP or any consumer software is laughable at best…like I said before, professional houses use custom software that’s available only to them with names you’ve never heard of

Zoobie, why so adamant? First of all, most TV and film productions are cut on Avid Media Composer or a variation of one of the Avid products. Coming up right behind it is Final Cut Pro, with Reality shows glomming on to it. A few episodics have been cut on FCP, such as “Scrubs” and there’s at least one published claim that the Spiderman movie was cut on Vegas (Sony was the studio, and Sony owns Vegas).

Certain pro houses use proprietary products for R&D, and perhaps data management or as an adjunct to a particular product, or even as a patch. But proprietary software means proprietary editors. I know of no editor who will allow himself to be saddled with one product, less he locks himself out of the market for gigs on anything else. Likewise, I know of no post house that would offer only a proprietary editing system, again, locking themselves out of the marketplace with a closed universe editing system. Producers just wouldn’t buy it. Producers simply want the best, the cheapest, the fastest, and the most reliable. I know of no such proprietary product that would fill that bill. And finally, no software manufacturer in his right mind would crate a product only to make it available to “pro” facilities only.You’re talking about a marketplace of a few hundred, compared to a product that consumers might buy, which increases your potential marketplace to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. This is why even the “pro” manufacturers such as Avid and Grass valley, all have products in each price range. Perhaps if you were to tell us the name and function of these exclusive products, we might have a better understanding of your argument. – Markeditor

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