zoobie, this festival is s


zoobie, this festival is set up to be pretty much exactly for this type of shooter, so before you cast your nose at someone, maybe you should have something constructive to say. I’m tired of your judgemental posts when this is supposed to be a forum for helping people.

Jainankita, I have participated in several 48-hour’s (Nashville) and as I recall the rules still require submission by DVD or equivalent, right? An HD image is going to have to be down-converted to SD to be put on DVD so my bet is to save your money for props, FX make-up, etc. and just go for an SD cam. The PD150 has a cult following among people who have used it as being very well-loved. I will suggest you get your hands on it a day or so early, and try to play around with it. Remember, autofocus is not alwas as crisp as it seems, and White balance is your friend.

I am thrilled to hear of another’s interest in the 48-hour film fest. If you would like some tips-n-tricks, advice, etc. from someone who knows the pitfalls all too well, give me a shout at trae.dedmon@gmail.com

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