Zeta, Don’t sell yourself



Don’t sell yourself short! If you completed a media studies program, then you have at least some skill in creating video already. As far as building your video editing skills goes, a copy of Final Cut Express is less than $200 and it functions almost exactly like Final Cut Studio. You can build your skills with an off the shelf camera and computer with this basic software.

If I were you, I’d start making videos myself right away. Make instructional stuff and get int on YouTube and other social video sites. Be creative and start showing the world how good you are. Look on Craigslist for people looking for video crewmembers or videographers for various shoots or events. Be willing to be a grip and drag lightstands around if that is all you can find. Every gig gives you an opportunity to learn and make contacts.

Start putting together a reel of your work to show people who might be interested in hiring you as an editor or videographer.

Start creating your own How-To and Special Interest Videos to sell yourself. The market is strong and growing for informational media and it has never been easier to create professional quality products and to reach your customers.

You chose a great area to study. The opportunities are wide open, but people aren’t going to come looking for you in the beginning. Get out there and start working. The paying gigs (or video sales if you are producing your own) will come as your contacts and skills develop.



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