Zeta, Schools which teach


Zeta, Schools which teach ” creative ” subjects seldom teach more than the mechanics. I don’t know how one goes about learning the creative instincts associated with film and video other than by exposing themself to many, many hours of their chosen craft.

Do you really want to be a successful editor? I would suggest that if you could, you should jump into the fire in LA. See if you can weasel your way into an internship at a major studio. See if you can somehow crash the gate at the Editor’s Guild and find employment as an assistant. Most top line editors are technologically handicapped and embrace assistants who can fight the computer wars and keep everything in the editing room organized and workflow uninterrupted. Being an assistant will expose you to more creative aspects of the craft than 100 years in school. Assisting should provide a living and client contacts which will ( hopefully before too long ) lead to an editor’s chair.

A career as an IATSE member will provide excellent benefits and retirement!


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