zax Wrote:Adobe video coll


zax Wrote:

Adobe video collection

how much does adobe premier pro 1.5 cost?

As I said at the outset of this thread – asking for editing suggestions is like asking about religion. You look for the features that you need then you select the product that gets you there.

When you said that you wanted a possible career in editing, then your choice narrows down Avid. Avid is the lingua franca in the Hollywood and Television editing world where cost is never a factor. Yes there’s a few stations and shops that have FCP or Premiere, but I’ll bet lunch that they also edit on Avid.

If cost or stability is an issue, then Sony Vegas will do (almost) everything that Premiere will, and it only costs $500. I’ve been running Vegas for four years, and it’s never crashed. I’ve never lost a moment’s work from a software crash.

I have to say (almost) because Vegas doesn’t care about timecode breaks, it doesn’t care what the source media is (you can mix .avi, .mov, .jpg, .swf and more all on the timeline of the same project), and it’s non-destructive in that your original media is never altered.

Before you decide, note that Sony and Avid both offer a free trial version of their product. I would also recommend that you browse the product-specific discussion boards of all three products. (DMN Forums and Creative Cow have all three).


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