Yup, as much as I am not a

AvatarKevin Mc

Yup, as much as I am not a litigious person, at the very least grab a cease and desist order from online, fill in out accordingly, and send it certified mail. Having your work stolen is very bad. If it’s on a public site like YT or Vimeo, post the cease and desist in the comments for the video, after you mail out the hard copy.

Two notes: 1) never hand a client (friend) a finished production for any reason without payment. 2) when a client must have a copy before payment, watermark the video. I had a client, with questionable intentions request a final cut before payment, so I watermarked it. When they complained, I told them, their final payment due on the production is not at all for the hours I spent editing it. The final payment is simply to remove the watermark πŸ™‚ (true story)

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