You’ve not done very much


You’ve not done very much research, if you’re surprised by the cost. Sure, it’s very lucrative, but I don’t EVER do weddings because they are certainly that much’s worth of grief, and even the friends and family ones I have had my arm twisted to do happened – the grief was awful. They call them bridezillas for a reason. They are never happy, and the time it takes is really that much money’s worth! The responsibility is huge! do you want to be in front of Judge Judy, having wrecked somebodies wedding by forgetting to shoot auntie Jane who has a serious illness and had to feature prominently, despite nobody telling you about it. You missed the beginning of the speeches because the hotel’s promise to warn you got missed, and at the friends one I didn’t shoot the sisters in their hotel room exchanging gifts because nobody told me this was happening – and I’m still not forgiven. Doing it part-time IS professional.Loads of video people do other things – either video related or totally different. They are professional in attitude and skills, as you hopefully will be. If you do this kind of work for beer money – you will be mistrusted, and resented – possibly even hated by the video community if you wipe out somebodies $1500 job and do it for $250. Word spreads quickly – and you will not be high on the favourite list. If you need a second shooter – they will want the local rate, wrecking your budget.

If you come into the video world, you don’t want to be the pariah. The minute you start directing people, and making the plan happen – you have crossed the line to being a proper pro. Maybe a still a beginner, but a pro, nevertheless.

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