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YOu’ve gotten some great replies. One word of caution based on your outline. Unless the business owner is an experienced on-camera actor, I would opt for a sit down interview and getting b-roll of the places mentioned later. Plus if he/she is not experienced on camera be prepared to burn all your profit shooting and re-shooting take after take of their fumbles and mumbles.

While the business owner may want to see themselves on camera, the real star of the video is the Business Center and the benefits it provides potential clients. They need to be reminded of that constantly. Ego can be a large roadblock to overcome. Word it gently, but remind them of the purpose of the video.

They will be on camera in an interview format, and you can add creative shots of the center rather than him standing in front of a door and peering into a conference room, you can have a nice slider shot of the long shiny conference table and amenities with his voice under talking it up.

I get 50% up front, deliver the video and they get one round of changes, which are done via change order. After that they start getting into the golden hour… paying for each hour of additional post production. a lot of times people just want to “put their musk on it” and request changes for the sake of changes. They need to validate their existence, but when they start having to pay for it, those changes are suddenly not that imperative.

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