You’ve gotta be kidding!


You’ve gotta be kidding! Fifteen hundred bucks for a shotgun mic for wedding videos???? How much are you charging per wedding, ten grand?? X-D

Receptions are tricky. If there’s a band or DJ, the important speakers, etc. are going to use that mic, not your handheld mic. The only two ways to get the audio are, tap into the soundboard with a digital recorder and use a shotgun mic. We do both. But you want the ambient sound also, so we use another mic to get the general room noise.

The thing to watch for with the shotgun is that it’s directional. Take one of our recent weddings for instance – the bride grabs the DJ’s mic and breaks out a fabulous version of "At Last". Unknown to us at the time, the DJ had killed our recorder’s audio. Jean was close to the bride with a shotgun and I was in a balcony getting the view from above while another mic captured the crowd noise.

If not for the shotgun, we’d not have gotten that song. But as the groom slowly walked toward the bride, Jean panned to him, losing some of the main audio. Fortunately, I was able to fix it in post, but you have to remember when shooting with a shotgun that you must aim for the audio, not for the video.

PS – we use an Azden SGM-X shotgun, cost about $150. That left enough in the budget to buy a car. 🙂

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