You’ve got to give them wh


You’ve got to give them what they want first and what you want last. I would take a few months and go to different companies and offer a free video. Explain to them that you are competant but are looking to upgrade your demo reel. This may happen with weddings, corporate videos, family events or other sources. I wouldn’t put any ads in the paper. The more you market yourself and services the more it will return to you. I would start the free route and then work up the ladder.

Try going to a Chamber of Commerce networking event. They have monthly events where you can meet other people from companies that may want a video.

Go to a Business or Wedding Expo and set up a booth or walk around and give out your biz card.

Work for another video production company and get experience. Or, ask them to do an internship with them in exchange for footage to make your demo reel.

Get creative and have fun with breaking into the video produciton market. It’s a lot of fun and has great pay…a win win.


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